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Bakor Patel
Bakor Patel.jpg
Bakor Patel depicted as an anthropomorphic goat reading newspaper and wearing paghadi, kurta and dhoti
First appearance 1936
Last appearance 1955
Created by Hariprasad Vyas
Publisher Gandiv by Gandiv Sahitya Mandir, Surat
Artists Tansukh, Mansukh, V. Ramanuj
Language Gujarati
Species Goat
Gender Male
Occupation Businessman
Spouse(s) Shakri Patlani
Children No

Bakor Patel is children's literature character created by Hariprasad Vyas for funny animal stories published by Gandiv, a children's biweekly in Gujarati language published by Gandiv Sahitya Mandir, Surat, Gujarat, India. The humorous stories about Bakor Patel written by Vyas which first appeared in 1936 and continued till 1955. The stories include other anthropomorphic characters including his wife, Shakri Patlani. The stories were accompanied with an illustration and title printed in typical typography which were drawn by two Surat based artist brothers, Tansukh and Mansukh. The character became the icon of Gujarati children's literature and was adapted into a children's play.

Characters and story

Bakor Patel is a goat depicted as middle aged businessman living in Bombay with his goat wife Shakri Patlani. He has no siblings and children. There is no information regarding his parents. He has business firm in Bombay trading with firms in Japan. He lives upper middle class life in 1940-50s and owns bungalow and car. His friends include other anthropomorphic animals like a tiger as lawyer, Vaghjibhai Vakil; an elephant, Hathibhai Dhamdhamiya; a camel as doctor, Untadiya Doctor; a pundit, Timu Pandit; Jiraf Joshi; Bankubhai and several others. Sometimes spouses of the characters and some female characters like Khushaldoshi are depicted.

The stories take places in Bombay of 1940s and 1950s. Bakor Patel is depicted as social family person who travels for business and enjoy his time with family and friends back home. He has mature relationship with his wife, Shakri Patlani. He seeks small adventures in his regular life and tries and experiences things which mostly go wrong in the end. He still joyfully accepts failures of his adventures and continues the next. His family and friends accompany in his adventures and shares the delight.


Bakor Patel, a children's play based on the character was produced by the Indian National Theatre, Mumbai.


Some of the books are:

  • Bakor Patel : Aade Bakade
  • Bakor Patel : Aasmanma!
  • Bakor Patel : Andhale Behru
  • Bakor Patel : April Fool
  • Bakor Patel : Chamatkar Tya Namaskar
  • Bakor Patel : Dholkun Dholyun!
  • Bakor Patel : Doctor nay Doctor
  • Bakor Patel : Gammat Par Gammat
  • Bakor Patel : Goyam Pindam
  • Bakor Patel : Jagjo Re!
  • Bakor Patel : Lyo Leta Jao
  • Bakor Patel : Papadiyo Jang!
  • Bakor Patel : Raj nu Gaj
  • Bakor Patel : Ran Medane
  • Bakor Patel : Sampetara
  • Bakor Patel : Tachakiyu
  • Bakor Patel : Tran Trekhad?
  • Bakor Patel : Ujani
  • Bakor Patel na Chhabarda
  • Bakor Patel na Parakramo
  • Bakor Patel ni Gammato
  • Bakor Patel ni Garbado
  • Bakor Patel ni Kahanio
  • Bakor Patel ni Kathao
  • Bakor Patel ni Vaato
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