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Baldr's death

Baldr (also Balder, Baldur or Baldor) is Odin's second son. He is the god of love, peace and forgiveness. His twin brother is the blind god of darkness, Höðr. His wife is called Nanna. They have a son, called Forseti, god of justice. Baldur also has a ship, which is the largest ship ever built. It is called Hringhorni. His hall is called Breidablik. Based on the Merseburg charms, his germanic name may have been Phol.

Baldur once had a nightmare that he would be killed. His mother, Frigg, made all the things on Earth vow not to hurt him. The mistletoe did not vow, however, and Frigg considered it to be so unimportant that she thought nothing of it. Loki found out that the mistletoe had not vowed, and thus made a spear out of mistletoe, and tricked Höðr into killing Baldur with it. The death of Baldur is believed to be the beginning of Ragnarok. Many gods and goddesses will come to his funeral. His wife Nanna also died of sadness. His father, Odin, placed the golden ring Draupnir on Baldur, but he later sent the ring back from helheim. This ring somehow came to Freyr's hand.

During Ragnarok, the veils between the realms were destroyed, so Baldur was able to escape from Hell while Loki used the open gates to lead his army of dead against the Gods. After the death of Odin at the fangs of Fenrir the wolf, Baldur and Höðr came back to Asgard, and they rule in place of their father.

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