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Flag Of Bashkurdistan
• Established
15 November 1917
• Disestablished
4 November 1918

Bashkurdistan (Bashkortostan, Bashkiria) (Bashkir: [Башҡортостан автономияһы] Error: {{Lang}}: text has italic markup (help), Russian: Малая Башкирия) was a national-territorial autonomy proclaimed on November 15 1917 by the Bashkir regional Shuro and approved by the Constituent Congress of Bashkurdistan. The army, government, parliament, state symbols were created.

After the February Revolution of 1917 the Bashkir national movement for the creation of national-territorial autonomy began. In July-August 1917, the 1st and 2nd All-Bashkir congresses (kurultai) were held in Orenburg and Ufa, where it was decided to create a "democratic republic on national and territorial basis" within the framework of federal Russia. Selected first and reelected as the second kurultai Bashkir central shuro (council) worked in Orenburg and was preparing for the All-Russia Constituent Assembly, which was to be held in January 1918. However, the October Revolution made its corrections in the process of establishing autonomy.

Bashkir Central Shuro on 11 November (November 24), 1917 issued an order 1 on the need for Bashkirs own national government. On November 15 (November 28), 1917, the Bashkir Central Shuro adopted a resolution on the proclamation of the autonomy of Bashkortostan, which was announced on the next day by order 2.

The newspaper Pravda wrote on November 22, 1917, declared the Bashkir autonomous republic. On December 20, 1917, the Bashkir Government was created (the Government of Bashkurdistan). Began to form the Bashkir army.

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