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Battles of Khalkhin Gol/Nomonhan
Part of the Soviet–Japanese border conflicts
Japanese soldiers creeping in front of wrecked Soviet tanks.jpg
Japanese infantrymen near wrecked USSR armored vehicles, July 1939
Date 11 May – 16 September 1939
Khalkha River, Mongolian People's Republic
47°43′49″N 118°35′24″E / 47.73028°N 118.59000°E / 47.73028; 118.59000

Soviet and Mongolian victory

  • Ceasefire agreement signed
Status quo ante bellum; enforcement of border claims in accordance with the Soviet and Mongolian interpretation
 Soviet Union


Commanders and leaders
  • Empire of Japan Michitarō Komatsubara
  • Empire of Japan Yasuoka Masaomi
  • Empire of Japan Kōtoku Satō
  • Manchukuo Urzhin Garmaev

498–550 tanks
385–450 armored cars
900+ aircraft (participated)

  • Peak strength: 580
500–634 artillery pieces
4,000 trucks
1,921 horses and camels (Mongol only)

c. 20,000–30,000
73 tanks
19 tankettes
400+ aircraft (participated)

  • Peak strength: 200
~300 artillery pieces
1,000 trucks
2,708 horses
Casualties and losses
Soviet Union 27,880
Mongolian People's Republic 556–990
208 aircraft
253 tanks destroyed
133 armored cars destroyed
96 mortars and artillery
49 tractors and prime movers
652 trucks and other motor vehicles
significant animal casualties
Empire of Japan c. 18,000
Manchukuo 2,895
160 aircraft
29 tanks destroyed or crippled
Many tankettes destroyed
72 artillery pieces (field guns only)
2,330 horses killed, injured, or sick
significant motor vehicle losses

The Battles of Khalkhin Gol was a battle that was fought between the Soviet Union and Mongolia, against Japan. This battle was fought in Manchuria, located in the north east of China. The battles happened from 11 May 1939 to 16 September 1939. The Soviets and Mongolians won the battles.

The battles was named after a river located in the battlefield called Khalkhin Gol.


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