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The battle of Lepanto (in Italian Battaglia gave Lepanto; in Turkish: İnebahtı deniz muharebesi 'naval battle of İnebahtı') was a naval fight that took place on 7 October 1571 near of the Greek city of Náfpaktos (Lepanto in Italian).

They confronted in her the armed of Imperio otomano against the one of a Catholic coalition, called Saint League, formed by the Spanish Empire, the States Pontificios, the Republic of Venecia, the Order of Malta, the Republic of Génova and the Duchy of Saboya.

In this battle participated Miguel de Cervantes, that resulted injured and lost the mobility of his left hand, what cost him the nickname of «manco of Lepanto». This writer, that was very proud to having combated there, described it like «the more memorable and high occasion that saw the past centuries, neither expect to see the coming». Also it entered the history in the Quijote, through the #narration of the captive, as typical work of literature of border.

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