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Bhangra is a type of folk dance. The dance started in the Punjab region, now divided between India and Pakistan, and began as a folk dance which was conducted by Punjabi farmers of all creeds, Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus, to celebrate the coming of the harvest season.

Bhangra became popular in Britain in the 1980s and the artists of Bhangra were selling over 30,000 cassettes a week in the UK even though not one of the artists made their way into the Top 40 UK Chart. Bhangra is also popular in Canada where singer, Jazzy B sold over 55,000 copies of his third album, Folk and Funky and became one of the best-selling Punjabi folk artists in the world.

The outfits for Bhangra are Turla or torla, Pag, which is a turban that is a sign of pride/honor in Punjab and is tied differently than the traditional turbans that the Sikhs wear on the street, Kurta which is a silk shirt, with about four buttons and is very loose with embroidered patterns, Lungi or chadar which is a loose loincloth tied around the dancer's waist, Jugi which is a waistcoat with no buttons, and Rumāl which are small scarves that are worn tied on to the fingers.

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