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Brown fur seal
Arctocephalus pusillus - SE Tasmania.jpg
Hauling-out on the Hippolyte Rocks off the east coast of Tasmania
Conservation status
Scientific classification
  • A. p. pusillus
  • A. p. doriferus
Arctocephalus pusillus distribution.png
Distribution of the brown fur seal, dark blue: breeding colonies; light blue: nonbreeding individuals

The brown fur seal (Arctocephalus pusillus), is a type of fur seal. It is also called the Cape fur seal, South African fur seal and Australian fur seal.


Adult male brown fur seals are dark gray to brown, with a darker mane of short, coarse hairs and a light belly. Adult females are light brown to gray, with a light throat and darker back and belly. The front flippers of the fur seal are dark brown to black. Pups are born black and molt to gray with a pale throat within 3-5 months.



The brown fur seal's main predator is the great white shark. Other predators include, killer whales and southern elephant seals. Land predators include black-backed jackals and brown hyenas on the Skeleton Coast in Namibia.

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