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Burning is the process of combustion, a reaction between a substance (the fuel) and a gas (the oxidizer).

Burn, burning or burned can mean:

  • Burn (injury), injury to the skin caused by heat, electricity, chemicals, or radiation
  • Burn (stream), in Scotland and north-eastern England, a type of stream which is smaller than a river
  • Burn (computer game), a first-person shooter computer game released in 2007
  • Burn, a village in North Yorkshire, England
  • Burn and Burn Sugar Free, energy drinks by Coca-Cola
  • Burn in, to exercise components (such as electronics) before putting them into service
  • Burning, a self-sustaining thermonuclear (nuclear fusion) reaction
  • Burning, the recording process for various technologies based on compact discs or DVDs
  • Burning-in, a manipulation during photographic enlargement to darken selected areas of the final print
  • Burned (image), an image with highlights or shadows considerably outside the medium's gamut
  • Indian burn, common school prank also called a Chinese burn
  • Burn notice, an official statement issued between intelligence agencies stating that an individual or a group is or has become unreliable.

In music


  • Burn (UK band), a heavy rock band from Loughborough, England
  • Burn (U.S. band), a New York hardcore band


  • Burn (album), a 1974 album by Deep Purple
  • Burn, a 1995 album by Sister Machine Gun
  • Burn, a 2000 album by Jo Dee Messina
  • Burnin', a 1970 album by The Wailers
  • Burning, a 1999 EP by house DJ/producer Pépé Bradock
  • Burned, a 1995 album by Electrafixion


  • "Burn" (Usher song), a song from Usher's 2004 album Confessions
  • "Burn" (Nine Inch Nails song), a song by Nine Inch Nails found on the Natural Born Killers Soundtrack
  • "Burn", a song by Rancid on the album Let's Go
  • "Burn", a song The Cure featured on The Crow Soundtrack
  • "Burn", a song by Shannon Noll on his 2004 album That's What I'm Talking About
  • "Burn", a song by Mushroomhead on their 2006 album Savior Sorrow
  • "Burn", a song by Alkaline Trio on their 2005 album Crimson
  • "Burn", a song by Collective Soul found on their album Home
  • "Burn", a song by Three Days Grace on their album Three Days Grace
  • "Burn", a song by Year Of The Rabbit on their EP Hunted
  • "Burn", a song by Against Me! which first appeared on their 2001 EP Crime As Forgiven By
  • "Burn", a song by King Diamond on the 1990 album The Eye
  • "Burn", a song by Michael Angelo Batio on his 2005 album Hands Without Shadows
  • "Burn", a song by Deep Purple on their 1974 album Burn
  • "Burnnn!", a song by Pantera on their 1988 album Power Metal
  • "The Burn", a song by Matchbox Twenty on their 2000 album Mad Season

In media

  • Burn!, a 1969 film
  • Burn, a 1998 film directed by Scott Storm
  • Burn, a 2005 novel by James Patrick Kelly
  • Burned, a 2005 novel by Ellen Hopkins
  • Burn Notice (TV series), a 2007 television drama

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