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Created by Mark Gravas
Stu Connolly
Developed by Mark Gravas
Stu Connolly
Written by Stu Connolly
Theme music composer Noel Burgess
Composer(s) Noel Burgess
Country of origin
  • Australia
  • Malaysia
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 52
Executive producer(s)
  • Tim Brooke Hunt
  • Jenny Lalor
  • Sandra Walters
  • Low Huoi Seoung
Producer(s) Sandra Walters
Editor(s) Daryl Davies
Running time 11 minutes
Production company(s) Vision Animation
Kapow Pictures
Screen NSW
Original network ABC3
Original release 4 December 2009 (2009-12-04) – 2010 (2010)

CJ the DJ is an Australian-Malaysian animated television series created first broadcast on ABC3. The show was created by Mark Gravas of Yakkity Yak fame and writer Stu Connolly.

Fifty-two episodes were produced for the first season. Two episodes are often broadcast together, creating an impression that there are only twenty-six episodes in the first season.


CJ The DJ follows the adventures of a 13-year-old girl with the nickname of CJ, with Lesley and Si they form a group of DJ wannabes and together try to make it to the big leagues by playing gigs, promoting themselves and practicing. However the town she lives in, no one wants to hear about her.


Cathleen Jones aka CJ is a 13-year-old girl who aspires to be a DJ. She loves not being like everyone else and has a unique view on the world.

Lesley Smiles is one of CJ's friends, she is the complete opposite to CJ but they are friends because they are both individuals.

Si is CJ's best friend and neighbor, he is a born musician and has a passion for classical music. His background is New Zealander.

Arnis owns a record store called "A-Trax", He gives CJ her gigs and sees potential in her.

Lyle hangs out at Arnis' store every day after school he also works there for free. He seems to secretly have feelings for CJ although teases and bullies her, much like Helga does to Arnold in 'Hey Arnold'.

The Patel Twins want to be DJs only for the fame, they usually work at their dad's convenience store, They are jealous of CJ and steal her gigs, songs and even her name and cause numerous problems for herself and her friends.

Charley Jones is CJ's little sister, she is ten, however wants to be sixteen, she loves to shop and usually pokes fun at CJ's fashion sense.

Gene Jones is CJ's father. He has a band that has limited appeal to most people. He lives like he is a young person.

Marsha Jones is CJ's mother. She's the no-nonsense voice of authority in the household, and the primary source of income for the family, usually appearing in her business suit. However, in her youth she was the lead guitarist and vocalist for an all-girl punk band.

Mr. Truman is the evil science teacher and recurring antagonist who appears in various episodes.


Number Title Original Airdate
1 "The Set Up Gig" 4 December 2009 (4 December 2009)
2 "Ring Ring" TBA
3 "What's in a Name?" TBA
4 "Dropping Science" TBA
5 "The Axe Factor" TBA
6 "Original Popcorn" TBA
7 "Licked in the Mix" TBA
8 "Garage Clip" TBA
9 "Si's Slide" TBA
10 "Camps n Cakes" TBA
11 "Hair Affaire" TBA
12 "Glammerous Life" TBA
13 "Store Wars" TBA
14 "Unmasked" TBA
15 "Monster Mash Up" TBA
16 "Gene's Gear" TBA
17 "Jonestown" TBA
18 "Girl Vs Machine"
19 "Halloweenie" TBA
20 "Just To Get a Rep" TBA
21 "Global Grooving" TBA
22 "Hazy Daze" TBA
23 "Testing Times" TBA
24 "One Hit Wonder" TBA
25 "DJ Sim" TBA
26 "Boogie Knights" TBA
27 "Chick Flick" TBA
28 "Park Life" TBA
29 "Mind The Animals" TBA
30 "Little Miss Charley" TBA
31 "Home" TBA
32 "Crew Cuts" TBA
33 "Skate Or Lie" TBA
34 "In the Hood" TBA
35 "High Rollers" TBA
36 "Curse of the Wild" TBA
37 "Undercover Brother" TBA
38 "Student Exchange" TBA
39 "Check Yo Head" TBA
40 "Hostel" TBA
41 "Wild World of Rock" TBA
42 "Lesleymania" TBA
44 "Jonesville Horror" TBA
45 "Got Game" TBA
46 "Deeper Purple" TBA
47 "Fixed Up" TBA
48 "Work It Out" TBA
49 "Blastmaster" TBA
50 "Jazz Heist" TBA
51 "Smells Like Team Spirit" TBA
52 "Destroy The Band" TBA


Digital downloads

CJ the DJ Series 1 Volumes 1 (Episodes 1 - 26) and 2 (Episodes 27 - 52) are available for download at the ABC Online Store.

ABC iView

CJ the DJ was released on ABC iView for public viewing, though each episode was only available for viewing over a limited amount of time.

International broadcast

Brazil: Gloob

Israel: Arutz HaYeladim (סי ג'יי הדי ג'יי)

Portugal: RTP2

Malaysia: TV1, TV2, TV Okey

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