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California Historical Landmarks in Modoc County facts for kids

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This list includes properties and districts listed on the California Historical Landmark listing in Modoc County, California. Click the "Map of all coordinates" link to the right to view a Google map of all properties and districts with latitude and longitude coordinates in the table below.

Image Landmark name Location City or town Summary
Battle of Land's Ranch
108 Battle of Land's Ranch State Hwy. 139, 0.1 mi. S. of jct. with Old Alturas Hwy. (Co. Rd. 114)
41°50′32″N 121°18′30″W / 41.8421888888889°N 121.308425°W / 41.8421888888889; -121.308425 (Battle of Land's Ranch)
Bloody Point
8 Bloody Point 2.9 mi. S. of Oregon border on Old Alturas Hwy. (Co. Rd. 114), then 0.7 mi. W. on Co. Rd. 104 at J Canal crossing
41°57′25″N 121°21′17″W / 41.9568138888889°N 121.354752777778°W / 41.9568138888889; -121.354752777778 (Bloody Point)
Bonner Grade
15 Bonner Grade Cedar Pass, 6.2 mi. W. of Cedarville on State Hwy. 299
41°33′38″N 120°16′06″W / 41.5605138888889°N 120.268263888889°W / 41.5605138888889; -120.268263888889 (Bonner Grade)
Chimney Rock
109 Chimney Rock U.S. Hwy. 395
41°35′46″N 120°25′26″W / 41.596217°N 120.4239°W / 41.596217; -120.4239 (Chimney Rock)
Cressler and Bonner Trading Post
14 Cressler and Bonner Trading Post Cedarville Park
41°31′44″N 120°10′26″W / 41.528933°N 120.173833°W / 41.528933; -120.173833 (Cressler and Bonner Trading Post)
Evans and Bailey Fight
125 Evans and Bailey Fight Hilltop, 500 ft. S. of Centerville Rd., 4.9 mi. S.E. of Canby
41°24′56″N 120°48′09″W / 41.41565°N 120.802567°W / 41.41565; -120.802567 (Evans and Bailey Fight)
Fandango Pass
546 Fandango Pass 3.8 mi. W. of Surprise Valley Rd. (Co. Rd. 1) on Fandango Pass Rd. (Co. Rd. 9)
41°48′08″N 120°12′25″W / 41.802114°N 120.206895°W / 41.802114; -120.206895 (Fandango Pass)
Fort Bidwell
Fort Bidwell
430 Fort Bidwell Fort Bidwell Indian Community Center, W. end of Bridge St.
41°51′31″N 120°09′32″W / 41.85865°N 120.158812°W / 41.85865; -120.158812 (Fort Bidwell)
Fort Bidwell
Fremont's Camp
6 Fremont's Camp Old Alturas Hwy. (Co. Rd. 114), 0.7 mi. north of jct. with State Hwy. 139
41°51′16″N 121°18′52″W / 41.8545442°N 121.3144719°W / 41.8545442; -121.3144719 (Fremont's Camp)
Infernal Caverns Battleground
16 Infernal Caverns Battleground Ferry Ranch
41°16′20″N 120°34′34″W / 41.272222°N 120.576111°W / 41.272222; -120.576111 (Infernal Caverns Battleground)
Old Emigrant Trail
111 Old Emigrant Trail N.W. of Co. Rd. 84
41°25′07″N 120°59′48″W / 41.418494°N 120.996573°W / 41.418494; -120.996573 (Old Emigrant Trail)
Tule Lake War Relocation Center
850-2 Tule Lake War Relocation Center State Hwy. 139 and Co. Rd. 176
41°53′07″N 121°22′29″W / 41.8854027777778°N 121.37465°W / 41.8854027777778; -121.37465 (Tule Lake War Relocation Center)
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