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California Historical Landmarks in Tulare County facts for kids

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This list includes properties and districts listed on the California Historical Landmark listing in Tulare County, California. Click the "Map of all coordinates" link to the right to view a Google map of all properties and districts with latitude and longitude coordinates in the table below.

Image Landmark name Location City or town Summary
1047 Allensworth Historic Town Site Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park, 4011 Grant Drive
35°51′51″N 119°23′13″W / 35.864173°N 119.387022°W / 35.864173; -119.387022 (Allensworth Historic Town Site)
Butterfield Stage Route
471 Butterfield Stage Route SW corner of Hermosa St. and State Hwy. 65
36°12′09″N 119°06′15″W / 36.2025305555556°N 119.104233333333°W / 36.2025305555556; -119.104233333333 (Butterfield Stage Route)
Election Tree
410 Election Tree Charter Oak Dr.
36°21′30″N 119°10′35″W / 36.358433°N 119.176433°W / 36.358433; -119.176433 (Election Tree)
First Tule River Reservation
388 First Tule River Reservation Alta Vista School, 2293 E. Crabtree Ave.
36°03′30″N 118°58′00″W / 36.058283°N 118.966617°W / 36.058283; -118.966617 (First Tule River Reservation)
Fountain Springs
648 Fountain Springs County Rds. J22 and M 109
35°53′28″N 118°54′56″W / 35.891111°N 118.915556°W / 35.891111; -118.915556 (Fountain Springs)
Fountain Springs
Kaweah Post Office, Kaweah Colony
389 Kaweah Post Office, Kaweah Colony 43795 N Fork Dr.
36°28′11″N 118°55′06″W / 36.469722°N 118.918333°W / 36.469722; -118.918333 (Kaweah Post Office, Kaweah Colony)
413 Tailholt County Hwy M109 and County Hwy MI2
35°48′40″N 118°50′34″W / 35.811111°N 118.842778°W / 35.811111; -118.842778 (Tailholt)
White River
934 Tulare Assembly Center Tulare County Fairgrounds
36°11′57″N 119°20′32″W / 36.1991111°N 119.342222°W / 36.1991111; -119.342222 (Tulare Assembly Center)
Tule River Stage Station
473 Tule River Stage Station Porterville Public Park
36°04′47″N 119°01′10″W / 36.0798027777778°N 119.019530555556°W / 36.0798027777778; -119.019530555556 (Tule River Stage Station)
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