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CHI could mean:

  • Chile, the long and narrow South American nation between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean.
  • Chicago, the IATA city code for a major US city (sometimes informally written "Chi" or "Chi-town"). Additionally, most Chicago sports teams can be called "CHI" or "Chi" when citing scores, etc.
  • Child Health International, a UK based charity for children's health (especially Cystic Fibrosis) in poor countries
  • Human-Computer Interaction, otherwise known as Computer-Human Interaction (CHI)
    • CHI, an annual, international academic conference on the topic of Computer-Human Interaction
  • Chromosomal crossover, in homologous recombination, a viral DNA sequence called a "crossover hotspot instigator" (CHI)
  • CHI, Longwood University's, secret honorary society formed in 1900 in Farmville, Virginia
  • Closed Head Injury, meaning the skull is not broken.
  • Columbia Helicopters, Inc of Aurora, Oregon. Manufacturer and Operator of heavy lift helicopters
  • Chingford railway station, London; National Rail station code CHI


Chi could mean:

  • Chi, the Greek letter, Χ
  • Chi (kana), a letter used in the Japanese script Hiragana
  • Chi (magazine), an Italian magazine based in Milan
  • Chi Cheng (musician), Bassist for Deftones
  • Chi McBride, actor
  • Chi River in North-East Thailand
  • Chi, a fictional character in the anime/manga series Chobits
  • In Igbo mythology in Nigeria, Chi is a god or personification of an individual's fate
  • Chi is an alleged life force in every thing

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