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The City of Ventura Historic Landmarks and Districts consist of buildings, sites, and neighborhoods designated by the City of Ventura, California, as historic landmarks and districts.

The first six sites designated as Ventura Historic Landmarks (VHL) were selected in February 1974. They are: the Olivas Adobe (VHL No. 1), the Ortega Adobe (VHL No. 2), the Father Serra statue (VHL No. 3), Ventura City Hall (VHL No. 4), the Grant Park cross site (VHL No. 5), and the Mission Plaza archeological site (VHL No. 6). In July 1974, the City also designated a second group of landmarks, including the Conklin residence (VHL No. 7), the Mission San Buenaventura (VHL No. 10), the Mission's Norfolk pine trees (VHL No. 8), and two large Moreton Bay fig trees located in city parks (VHL Nos. 11-12).

As of April 10, 2018, the City had designated 111 sites as Ventura Historic Landmarks and five areas as Ventura Historic Districts. The first historic district designated by the city was the Mission Historic District, extending from Poli Street at the northern border to Santa Clara Street at the southern border, and from Ventura Avenue on the west to Palm Street on the east. The Mission Historic District consists of the oldest section of the city's downtown area and includes more than 10 historic landmarks, including the Mission, the Mission Plaza archeological site, the Mission's Norfolk pines, the Mission Plaza Moreton Bay fig tree, Peirano Store (VHL No. 32), the Carlo Hahn House (VHL No. 78), the Mission Lavanderia (VHL No. 85), and China Alley (VHL No. 91).

A map depicting the location of Ventura's designated historic landmarks and districts can be viewed by clicking "OpenStreetMap" or "Google Maps" in the template found to the right below.

Ventura Historic Landmarks

VHL No. Name Image Address Date listed Description
1 Olivas Adobe Olivas Adobe (Ventura, California).jpg 4200 Olivas Park Drive
34°14′38″N 119°14′36″W / 34.243796°N 119.243321°W / 34.243796; -119.243321 (Olivas Adobe)
2/11/74 A one-story adobe structure was built in 1837 and expanded in 1849 by Don Raimundo Olivas; listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 and designated as California Historical Landmark No. 115; operated as a museum
2 Ortega Adobe Ortega Adobe.jpg 215 W. Main St.
34°16′54″N 119°18′15″W / 34.281683°N 119.304127°W / 34.281683; -119.304127 (Ortega Adobe)
2/11/74 Adobe structure first built in 1857; the roof of the adobe used tiles from the Mission after the 1857 Fort Tejon earthquake; it became the first home of the Ortega chili company; open to public for self-guided tours
3 Father Serra statue Father Junípero Serra Statue.jpg 501 Poli St.
34°16′55″N 119°17′35″W / 34.281874°N 119.293036°W / 34.281874; -119.293036 (Father Serra statue)
2/11/74 Concrete statue of Junípero Serra in front of Ventura City Hall commissioned by Ventura County through the Works Progress Administration as part of the Federal Art Project. The original statue, sculpted by Uno John Palo Kangas, was replaced in 1989 with a bronze cast. Bronze and wood replicas are not deemed historic. Location of original concrete is not disclosed.
4 Ventura City Hall Ventura City Hall (April 2018).jpg 501 Poli St.
34°16′56″N 119°17′35″W / 34.282352°N 119.293036°W / 34.282352; -119.293036 (Ventura City Hall)
2/11/74 Neoclassical courthouse built in 1912, designed by Albert C. Martin Sr.; became Ventura City Hall in 1972; terra cotta exterior decorations, friars' heads, and copper-sheathed dome; listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971 (first site in City of Ventura to be so designated) and designated as California Historical Landmark No. 847 and Ventura County Historical Landmark No. 12
5 Grant Park cross site The Cross Ventura.jpg Ferro Drive
34°17′05″N 119°17′46″W / 34.284602°N 119.296213°W / 34.284602; -119.296213 (Grant Park Cross)
2/11/74 Site in Grant Park where a cross has been located for many year; some accounts indicate that the first cross was erected in 1782; the cross has been replaced several times, most recently in 1941
6 Mission Plaza archeological site Mission Plaza archeological site (Ventura).jpg 100 Block E. Main St.
34°16′52″N 119°17′56″W / 34.281038°N 119.299018°W / 34.281038; -119.299018 (Mission Plaza archeological site)
2/11/74 A one-and-a-half acre archaeological site west of the Mission San Buenaventura; the Albinger Museum is part of the site
7 Conklin residence Conklin Residence (Ventura, California).jpg 608 E. Thompson Blvd.
34°16′41″N 119°17′29″W / 34.278090°N 119.291340°W / 34.278090; -119.291340 (Conklin residence)
5/6/74 Cape Cod style house originally built in 1877; part of the Mitchell Block Historic District
8 Mission Norfolk Pines Mission Norfolk Pines (Ventura, California).jpg 211 E. Main St.
34°16′52″N 119°17′53″W / 34.281181°N 119.298076°W / 34.281181; -119.298076 (Mission Norfolk Pines)
7/1/74 Norfolk Island pine trees (Araucaria heterophylla (synonym A. excelsa)) located adjacent to the San Buenaventura Mission, planted in the 1880s, lit during the Christmas season; designated in 2000 as California's Millennium Landmark Trees
9 Mound Pepper Tree No Photo Available.svg 5430 Telegraph Rd. 7/1/74 Pepper tree formerly located on site of the Mound Guest House; had a trunk circumference of 23.5 feet, a height of 43 feet (13 m), and a branch spread of 100 feet (30 m); no longer exists
10 Mission San Buenaventura Mission San Buenaventura.jpg 211 E. Main St.
34°16′52″N 119°17′54″W / 34.281233°N 119.298241°W / 34.281233; -119.298241 (Mission San Buenaventura)
7/1/74 The ninth Spanish mission established in California, established in 1782 by Father Junípero Serra; also listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975 and designated as California Historical Landmark #310
11 Plaza Park Moreton Bay Fig Tree Plaza Park Morton Bay Fig Tree.jpg Corner of Chestnut and Santa Clara Streets
34°16′46″N 119°17′29″W / 34.279379°N 119.291309°W / 34.279379; -119.291309 (Mission San Buenaventura)
7/1/74 Ficus macrophylla planted in 1874, 68 feet high with 130 foot branch spread
12 Mission Plaza Moreton Bay Fig Tree Mission Plaza Moreton Bay Fig Tree.jpg 100 block E. Main St.
34°16′50″N 119°17′54″W / 34.280500°N 119.298443°W / 34.280500; -119.298443 (Mission Plaza Moreton Bay Fig Tree)
7/1/74 Ficus macrophylla circa 1874, part of the Mission district on the National Register of Historic Places
13 Baker residence Baker Residence (Ventura, California).jpg 2107 Poli St.
34°16′47″N 119°16′06″W / 34.279742°N 119.268283°W / 34.279742; -119.268283 (Baker residence)
9/23/75 Victorian house built in 1888
14 Judge Ewing residence Judge Ewing residence.jpg 605 Poli St.
34°16′56″N 119°17′29″W / 34.282337°N 119.291296°W / 34.282337; -119.291296 (Judge Ewing residence)
9/23/75 Queen Anne revival style house with wrap-around porch built in 1894; the interior includes a library with carved paneling and tile floors
15 Theodore Groene Building Theodore Groene Building (Limon y Sal).jpg 592 E. Main St.
34°16′50″N 119°17′30″W / 34.280603°N 119.291801°W / 34.280603; -119.291801 (Theodore Groene Building)
10/27/75 Built in 1920s for Ventura Guarantee and Loan, later became Bahn's Jewelry Store, now operated as Limon y Sal; has interior murals by Norman Kennedy; original white paint removed 1982
16 San Miguel Chapel Site San Miguel chapel site.jpg Thompson Blvd. and Palm St.
34°16′41″N 119°17′53″W / 34.278057°N 119.298168°W / 34.278057; -119.298168 (San Miguel Chapel site)
10/27/75 Archaeological site at the location of the first outpost and center of operations that was established while the Mission San Buenaventura was being constructed
17 First Baptist Church of Ventura Ventura Center for Spiritual Living, fka First Baptist Church of Ventura.jpg 101 S. Laurel St.
34°16′46″N 119°17′08″W / 34.279307°N 119.285688°W / 34.279307; -119.285688 (First Baptist Church of Ventura)
12/1/75 Mayan Revival church built in 1931, now operated as the Ventura Center for Spiritual Living; listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2009
18 Shisholop Village Site/Cabrillo's Landing Beachfront at south end of Figueroa Street 12/22/75 Site of Chumash village settled after 1000 A.D.; visited by Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo in 1542
19 Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital.jpg 121 N. Fir St.
34°16′57″N 119°17′26″W / 34.282454°N 119.290501°W / 34.282454; -119.290501 (Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital)
3/8/76 Opened as a hospital in 1902, now an office building; design is Mission Revival; listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977
20 Ventura Pier Ventura Pier with fishermen 2013.jpg Harbor Blvd. east of California St.
34°16′26″N 119°17′30″W / 34.273909°N 119.291600°W / 34.273909; -119.291600 (Ventura Pier)
3/29/76 Wooden wharf first built in 1872, partially destroyed and rebuilt on multiple occasions; it was the longest wooden pier in California until a storm sheered off 420 feet in 1995
21 Emmanuel Franz House Emmanuel Franz House.jpg 31 N. Oak St.
34°16′53″N 119°17′41″W / 34.281344°N 119.294789°W / 34.281344; -119.294789 (Emmanuel Franz House)
3/29/76 Italianate style house built in 1879; listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982
22 Magnolia tree No Photo Available.svg 739 E. Santa Clara St. 3/29/76 Removed in 2002
23 Great Pacific Iron Works Great Pacific Iron Works (Patagonia HQ).jpg 235 W. Santa Clara St.
34°16′47″N 119°18′15″W / 34.279826°N 119.304048°W / 34.279826; -119.304048 (Great Pacific Iron Works)
10/4/76 Originally operated as Hobson Brothers meat packing business, now owned and operated by Patagonia, Inc.
24 Ventura Theatre Ventura Theater in 2018.jpg 26 S. Chestnut St.
34°16′50″N 119°17′29″W / 34.280425°N 119.291462°W / 34.280425; -119.291462 (Ventura Theatre)
10/4/76 Movie palace built in 1928, now a live music venue; listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986
25 First Post Office Building First Post Office Bldg. (Ventura, California).jpg 377 E. Main St.
34°16′52″N 119°17′42″W / 34.281045°N 119.295062°W / 34.281045; -119.295062 (First Post Office Building)
10/4/76 Built in 1902, used as Post Office until 1919; Cafe du Suro bakery now operates on the ground floor with offices on the second floor
26 Hitching post Hitching Post Historic Landmark Ventura.jpg 88 N. Ann St.
34°16′55″N 119°17′03″W / 34.281908°N 119.284053°W / 34.281908; -119.284053 (Hitching post)
10/4/76 Last hitching post in the city
27 Apostolic Church Apostolic Church (Ventura, California).jpg 902 E. Main St.
34°16′50″N 119°17′12″W / 34.280653°N 119.286788°W / 34.280653; -119.286788 (Apostolic Church)
12/20/76 Originally operated as the Alice Bartlett Club
28 Southern Methodist Episcopal Church Southern Methodist Episcopal Church (Victorian Rose).jpg 896 E. Main St.
34°16′50″N 119°17′14″W / 34.280554°N 119.287142°W / 34.280554; -119.287142 (Southern Methodist Episcopal Church)
7/11/77 Built in 1890, later operated as Victorian Rose Bed & Breakfast
29 Post Office murals Bentura Post Office (interior with postal boxes and murals).jpg 675 E. Santa Clara St.
34°16′48″N 119°17′25″W / 34.279935°N 119.290274°W / 34.279935; -119.290274 (Post Office murals)
10/24/77 Painted 1936-1937 by Gordon Grant as part of the Works Progress Administration's Federal Art Project
30 Livery/county garage Livery building (Ventura, California).jpg 34 N. Palm St.
34°16′53″N 119°17′45″W / 34.281332°N 119.295932°W / 34.281332; -119.295932 (Livery/County Garage)
11/21/77 Began use in 1875 as a livery stable; used as a studio for the carving of a wooden replica of the Father Serra statue; has also been used as a coffeehouse music venue, an arts center, and, later, as an improvisational comedy theater
31 Packard Garage Packard Garage (Ventura, California).jpg 42 N. Chestnut St.
34°16′48″N 119°17′25″W / 34.279935°N 119.290274°W / 34.279935; -119.290274 (Packard Garage)
11/21/77 Built in 1925 as an automobile show room, now headquarters of The Trade Desk
32 Peirano Store Peirano market 2.jpg 204 E. Main St.
34°16′50″N 119°17′51″W / 34.280607°N 119.297602°W / 34.280607; -119.297602 (Peirano Store)
1/16/78 Red brick structure built in 1877 with ornamental relief brickwork; the City's oldest surviving brick structure; operated as a general merchandise and, later, grocery store by the Peirano family for more than 100 years; archaeological remains of the Mission Lavanderia (VHL 85) discovered under the structure in 1991
33 Peirano residence Peirano House.jpg 107 S. Figueroa St.
34°16′46″N 119°17′53″W / 34.279344°N 119.297992°W / 34.279344; -119.297992 (Peirano Residence)
1/16/78 Occupied by the Peirano family from 1897 to 1976
34 Theodosia Burr Shepherd Gardens Theodosia Burr Shepherd Gardens.jpg SE corner of Poli and Chestnut
34°16′55″N 119°17′29″W / 34.281874°N 119.291329°W / 34.281874; -119.291329 (Theodosia Burr Shepherd Gardens)
7/17/78 Garden of a famous horticulturalist; only remaining plants are a star pine and birds of paradise
35 Feraud General Merchandise Store FeraudGeneralMerchandiseStore 2008july 2sm.jpg 2 W. Main St.
34°16′51″N 119°18′03″W / 34.280893°N 119.300961°W / 34.280893; -119.300961 (Feraud General Merchandise Store)
7/17/78 Bakery and grocery store opened in 1903, now operated as Paddy's Bar and Lounge; also listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986
36 First National Bank of Ventura (1904) First National Bank of Ventura.jpg 401 E. Main St.
34°16′52″N 119°17′40″W / 34.281108°N 119.294517°W / 34.281108; -119.294517 (First National Bank of Ventura (1904))
8/13/78 Built in 1903 as first location for First National Bank of Ventura; the shop Latitudes now operates on the ground floor
37 First National Bank of Ventura (1926) First National Bank of Ventura (1926).jpg 494 E. Main St.
34°16′50″N 119°17′36″W / 34.280620°N 119.293212°W / 34.280620; -119.293212 (First National Bank of Ventura (1926))
10/16/78 Operated by various banks, later retail; ground floor underwent restoration work in 2017
38 Bank of Italy Building Bank of Italy (Ventura, California).jpg 394 E. Main St.
34°16′50″N 119°17′41″W / 34.280540°N 119.294856°W / 34.280540; -119.294856 (Bank of Italy)
12/4/78 Built 1923-24 in Italian Renaissance revival style; Corinthian columns and elaborate terra cotta carvings on facade
39 Dr. T. E. Cunnane Residence Dr. T. E. Cunnane Residence.jpg 128 S. California St.
34°16′45″N 119°17′34″W / 34.279099°N 119.292793°W / 34.279099; -119.292793 (Dr. T. E. Cunnane Residence)
12/18/78 Queen Anne revival cottage style home
40 A. C. Martin Building (Bella Maggiore Inn) Bella Maggiore Inn, Ventura.jpg 69 S. California St.
34°16′48″N 119°17′36″W / 34.279914°N 119.293307°W / 34.279914; -119.293307 (A.C. Martin Bldg. (Bella Maggiore))
4/9/79 Spanish Renaissance style building designed by Albert C. Martin Sr., built in 1926, operated as the Bella Maggiore Inn
41 Robert Sudden residence Robert Sudden Residence (Ventura Historic Landmark No. 41).jpg 825 Front St.
34°16′38″N 119°17′17″W / 34.277223°N 119.288050°W / 34.277223; -119.288050 (Robert Sudden residence)
4/9/79 Built in 1886, moved in 1916
42 Robert M. Sheridan Residence Robert M. Sheridan Residence (Ventura Historic Landmark No. 42).jpg 1029 Poli St.
34°16′57″N 119°17′06″W / 34.282435°N 119.284976°W / 34.282435; -119.284976 (Robert M. Sheridan Residence)
5/21/79 American Craftsman bungalow
43 Chaffee & McKeeby / Einstein & Bernheim No Photo Available.svg Main St. & Palm St. 5/21/79 Commercial structure built in 1872, it housed two general merchandise stores and later the Great Eastern Department Store; at the southeast corner where Rabo Bank now operates; demolished in December 1979
44 Dudley House Dudley House from Southeast.jpg 197 N. Ashwood Ave.
34°16′40″N 119°14′25″W / 34.277641°N 119.240261°W / 34.277641; -119.240261 (Dudley House)
1/21/80 1892 Victorian farmhouse now operated by San Buenaventura Heritage, Inc., as an event venue; listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977
45 Righetti House Righetti House (Ventura, California).jpg 125 W. Park Row Ave.
34°17′06″N 119°18′06″W / 34.285106°N 119.301688°W / 34.285106; -119.301688 (Righetti House)
1/21/80 Queen Anne revival house with Classical Revival elements
46 Selwyn Shaw House Selwyn Shaw House.jpg 140 N. Ann St.
34°16′58″N 119°17′01″W / 34.282646°N 119.283648°W / 34.282646; -119.283648 (Selwyn Shaw House)
1/21/80 Queen Anne revival house built in 1888; part of the Selwyn Shaw Historic District
47 Jacques Roos House Jacques Roos House.jpg 82 S. Ash St.
34°16′47″N 119°17′18″W / 34.279820°N 119.288209°W / 34.279820; -119.288209 (Jacques Roos House)
3/17/80 Queen Anne revival cottage style home with Eastlake influences, built in 1892
48 Dacy Fazio House Dacy Fazio House (Ventura Historic Landmark No. 48).jpg 557 E. Thompson Blvd.
34°16′43″N 119°17′32″W / 34.278517°N 119.292196°W / 34.278517; -119.292196 (Dacy Fazio House)
4/14/80 American Craftsman bungalow built in 1910
49 Terry House Terry House (Ventura, California).jpg 4949 Foothill Rd.
34°17′02″N 119°13′46″W / 34.283998°N 119.229422°W / 34.283998; -119.229422 (Terry House)
7/14/80 Farm house built in 1917, once operated as a Unitarian church
50 Bert Shaw House Bert Shaw House (Ventura Historic Landmark No. 50).jpg 1141 Poli St.
34°16′56″N 119°17′00″W / 34.282329°N 119.283307°W / 34.282329; -119.283307 (Bert Shaw House)
9/15/80 Victorian house built in 1896 with a modified Palladian window on the front
51 Blackstock House Blackstock House (Ventura, California).jpg 835 E. Main St.
34°16′52″N 119°17′17″W / 34.281099°N 119.287969°W / 34.281099; -119.287969 (Blackstock House)
9/15/80 Built in 1901 on the site of city hall, moved in 1911 to its present site
52 Sifford House Sifford House.jpg 162 S. Ash St.
34°16′44″N 119°17′18″W / 34.278788°N 119.288209°W / 34.278788; -119.288209 (Sifford House)
9/15/80 Built in 1895, includes a portico columned front door, framed by a horseshoe shaped arch
53 Nellie Clover House Nellie Clover House.jpg 857 E. Main St.
34°16′52″N 119°17′16″W / 34.281073°N 119.287664°W / 34.281073; -119.287664 (Nellie Clover House)
11/80 Turn of the century cottage with Italianate cornice and Corinthian columns; later an office for Ventura County Jewish Family Service
54 Kimball House 7891 E. Telephone Rd.
34°16′09″N 119°11′16″W / 34.269200°N 119.187756°W / 34.269200; -119.187756 (Kimball House)
7/81 Built in 1928, house has Colonial and Mission elements
55 Dunning House Dunning House (Ventura, California).jpg 932 E. Main St.
34°16′50″N 119°17′11″W / 34.280559°N 119.286439°W / 34.280559; -119.286439 (Dunning House)
9/81 California bungalow built approximately 1920
56 Granger House Granger House (Ventura Historic Landmark No. 56).jpg 1206 E. Main St.
34°16′50″N 119°16′56″W / 34.280669°N 119.282218°W / 34.280669; -119.282218 (Granger House)
1/82 Victorian house with high-pitched hipped roof topped with iron cresting and intersecting gables
57 Morrison House Morrison House (Ventura, California).jpg 331 Poli St.
34°16′56″N 119°17′45″W / 34.282351°N 119.295833°W / 34.282351; -119.295833 (Morrison House)
5/18/82 Victorian house with Eastlake details; the house was originally located at 1785 N. Ventura Avenue and was moved in 1985
58 San Buenaventura Mission Aqueduct San Buenaventura Mission Aqueduct.jpg East end of Vince and Lewis Streets 8/2/82 Seven-mile long aqueduct built starting in 1792 to supply water to the Mission San Buenaventura and local farms; the aqueduct began at the convergence point of San Antonio Creek and the Ventura River. The section of the aqueduct in the photograph is located at 234 Cañada Larga Road (south side), 1/4 block east of Highway 33, and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places and designated as Ventura County Historical Landmark No. 28 and California Historic Landmark No. 114.
59 Blackburn House Blackburn House (Ventura, California).jpg 721 E. Main St.
34°16′52″N 119°17′23″W / 34.281066°N 119.289633°W / 34.281066; -119.289633 (Blackburn House)
1/9/84 Queen Anne revival house with Colonial Revival elements built in 1896; now offices for McCarthy Companies
60 Alessandro Lagoon Vista Del Mar Dr. & Alessandro Dr.
34°16′22″N 119°16′51″W / 34.272902°N 119.280795°W / 34.272902; -119.280795 (Alessandro Lagoon)
12/82 Known in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as Chautaqua Flats, the area was camping and amusement enterprises; later a freshwater refuge on the Pacific Flyway; the seven-acre site extends east from the junction of Vista Del Mar and Alessandro Drives for about three-tenths of a mile along Alessandro Drive to the west of the northern border fence for Highway 101.
61 Elwell House Elwell House (Ventura, California).jpg 143 S. Figueroa St.
34°16′44″N 119°17′53″W / 34.278938°N 119.297966°W / 34.278938; -119.297966 (Elwell House)
3/7/85 Built in 1892, now used as offices
62 Suyter House Suyter House (Ventura Historic Landmark No. 62).jpg 1157 Poli St.
34°16′56″N 119°16′59″W / 34.282340°N 119.283106°W / 34.282340; -119.283106 (Suyter House)
4/22/85 Queen Anne revival style house built by Selwyn Shaw, 1890-91; part of the Selwyn Shaw Historic District
63 El Jardin Patio Bldg. El Jardin Patio Building.jpg 451-461 E. Main St.
34°16′52″N 119°17′38″W / 34.281008°N 119.293848°W / 34.281008; -119.293848 (El Jardin Patio Building)
Two-story shopping court built in the 1920s; an archway on Main Street leads into the landscaped courtyard
64 Robert Brakey Residence Robert Brakey Residence.jpg 413 Poli St.
34°16′56″N 119°17′40″W / 34.282347°N 119.294544°W / 34.282347; -119.294544 (Robert Brakey Residence)
10/14/85 Victorian house built in 1890, later operated as the La Mer bed and breakfast
65 Judge Ben T. Williams House Judge Ben T. Williams House.jpg 386 Franklin Lane
34°18′05″N 119°17′20″W / 34.301419°N 119.288889°W / 34.301419; -119.288889 (Judge Ben T. Williams House)
1/26/87 Queen Anne revival ranch house with Stick Eastlake influence built c. 1890; originally located on Ventura Avenue, but moved c. 1950 to Franklin Lane
66 Charles Corcoran House Charles Corcoran House (Ventura Historic Landmark No. 66).jpg 831 Buena Vista St.
34°16′59″N 119°17′17″W / 34.282989°N 119.288072°W / 34.282989; -119.288072 (Charles Corcoran House)
4/1/86 Spanish Colonial Revival house built in 1930
67 Charles Cooper House Charles Cooper House (Ventura, California).jpg 163 Cedar St.
34°16′58″N 119°17′57″W / 34.282795°N 119.299146°W / 34.282795; -119.299146 (Charles Cooper House)
10/14/86 Built in 1886 by a local carpenter
68 Josiah Keene House Josiah Keene House.jpg 41 Bell Way
34°17′29″N 119°17′55″W / 34.291369°N 119.298477°W / 34.291369; -119.298477 (Josiah Keene House)
9/28/87 Second Empire/Victorian house with steep mansard roof built in 1872; also designated in 1970 as Ventura County Historical Landmark No. 33.
69 Hartman House Hartman House (Ventura, California).jpg 73 N. Palm St.
34°16′54″N 119°17′47″W / 34.281721°N 119.296423°W / 34.281721; -119.296423 (Hartman House)
9/28/87 American Craftsman bungalow built c. 1911
70 J. A. Day House J. A. Day House.jpg 759 E. Poli St.
34°16′56″N 119°17′21″W / 34.282333°N 119.289100°W / 34.282333; -119.289100 (J. A. Day House)
4/25/88 Victorian house built in 1889 in the Stick-Eastlake style
71 Ventura County Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Bldg. Ventura Mutual Fire Insurance Company Building (Fluid State).jpg 692 E. Main St.
34°16′50″N 119°17′25″W / 34.280628°N 119.290234°W / 34.280628; -119.290234 (Ventura County Mutual Fire Ins. Co. Bldg.)
4/25/88 Art Deco or Moderne style concrete office building with Aztec Revival flower elements designed by architect William W. Ache; later operated as a Mexican restaurant and then as the Fluid State bar
72 Erburu House Erburu House.jpg 2465 Hall Canyon Rd.
34°16′49″N 119°15′42″W / 34.280245°N 119.261792°W / 34.280245; -119.261792 (Erburu House)
1/5/89 American Craftsman bungalow built in 1909
73 McCoskey Love House McCoskey Love House.jpg 119 S. Figueroa St.
34°16′45″N 119°17′53″W / 34.279153°N 119.298078°W / 34.279153; -119.298078 (McCoskey Love House)
7/17/89 Victorian house with Italianate influence; originally located at corner of Chestnut and Santa Clara; now used as offices
74 Kate Duval House Kate Duval House (Ventura Historic Landmark No. 74).jpg 953 E. Main St.
34°16′52″N 119°17′10″W / 34.281037°N 119.286237°W / 34.281037; -119.286237 (Kate Duval House)
7/17/89 Queen Anne revival cottage built in 1902
75 J. Hoover Love House J. Hoover Love House.jpg 970 E. Santa Clara St.
34°16′45″N 119°17′09″W / 34.279301°N 119.285939°W / 34.279301; -119.285939 (J. Hoover Love House)
7/17/89 House with Mediterranean Revival exterior and Arts and Crafts interior, built in 1923
76 Mabel Nellie Owen House 93 W. Simpson St.
34°17′20″N 119°18′00″W / 34.288996°N 119.300083°W / 34.288996; -119.300083 (Mabel Nellie Owen House)
1/22/90 Home of a local activist, designated as a landmark; located in the Simpson Tract. Owen and her husband bought the house at the end of World War II and lived there for many years.
77 Dr. Cephus Bard House Dr. Cephus Bard House.jpg 52 W. Mission Ave.
34°17′07″N 119°18′02″W / 34.285335°N 119.300508°W / 34.285335; -119.300508 (Dr. Cephus Bard House)
4/1/91 House built in 1886 for Ventura's first American doctor, who founded the Elizabeth Bard Hospital as a tribute to his mother
78 Carlo Hahn House The Tavern (Ventura, California).jpg 211 E. Santa Clara St.
34°16′47″N 119°17′51″W / 34.279780°N 119.297399°W / 34.279780; -119.297399 (Carlo Hahn House)
7/15/91 Victorian house built in 1905, then rebuilt and expanded in 1971; operated by a series of restaurants and bars ("Santa Clara House", "The Big Green House", "Andy's Barbecue Heaven," and most recently "The Tavern")
79 Hammonds/Reese House 637-639 Poli St.
34°16′56″N 119°17′27″W / 34.282353°N 119.290861°W / 34.282353; -119.290861 (Hammonds/Reese House)
9/14/92 Queen Anne revival house with Colonial Revival elements and a wraparound porch, built in 1905
80 Pierpont Inn Pierpont Inn.jpg 550 Sanjon Rd.
34°16′24″N 119°17′00″W / 34.273432°N 119.283395°W / 34.273432; -119.283395 (Pierpont Inn)
2/1/93 American Craftsman bungalow-style inn built in 1910 for motoring tourists
81 Arthur D. Briggs House A. D. Briggs House (Ventura Historic Landmark No. 81).jpg 856 E. Thompson Blvd.
34°16′41″N 119°17′16″W / 34.278018°N 119.287664°W / 34.278018; -119.287664 (A. D. Briggs House)
5/10/93 Queen Anne style house built in 1894
82 Tudor House Tudor House (S. Dunning St., Ventura, CA).jpg 301 S. Dunning St.
34°16′07″N 119°15′04″W / 34.268701°N 119.251124°W / 34.268701; -119.251124 (Tudor House)
10/13/93 English Tudor revival house built in 1929 on hill overlooking the ocean
83 Arcade Building Arcade Building (Ventura, California).jpg 38-50 W. Main St.
34°16′51″N 119°18′05″W / 34.280848°N 119.301479°W / 34.280848; -119.301479 (Arcade Building)
3/21/94 Built in the 1920s, it has been operated as Dodge, Chrysler, Edsel, Jaguar, and vintage car dealerships
84 Cassidy Dairy Ranch Cassidy Dairy Ranch.jpg 3908 Loma Vista Rd.
34°16′38″N 119°14′34″W / 34.277271°N 119.242907°W / 34.277271; -119.242907 (Cassidy Dairy Ranch)
5/16/94 Colonial Revival house built by Selwyn Shaw in 1894
85 San Buenaventura Mission Lavanderia San Buenaventura Mission Lavanderia.jpg 204-208 E. Main St. (underneath)
34°16′50″N 119°17′51″W / 34.280615°N 119.297476°W / 34.280615; -119.297476 (San Buenaventura Mission Lavanderia)
11/14/94 Archaeological remains of the Mission's lavanderia discovered in 1991 under storage rooms of the Peirano Market and Wilson Studio buildings
86 Erle Stanley Gardner Office Erle Stanley Gardner Office.jpg 21 S. California St.
34°16′49″N 119°17′36″W / 34.280369°N 119.293245°W / 34.280369; -119.293245 (Erle Stanley Gardner Office)
2/6/95 Law office of Erle Stanley Gardner, author of the Perry Mason books, was located at the northeast corner on the third floor
87 Casa de Anza Casa de Anza (Ventura, California).jpg 606-612 N. Ventura Ave., 11-15 E. Simpson St.
34°17′19″N 119°17′54″W / 34.288645°N 119.298242°W / 34.288645; -119.298242 (Casa de Anza)
3/23/98 Spanish Colonial Revival apartment building built in 1929 to house oil workers with retail on first floor; a city library branch now operates on the ground floor
88 WWII artillery emplacements Camp Seaside artillery mount (1942).jpg Near Ventura River Mouth
34°16′35″N 119°18′35″W / 34.276369°N 119.309720°W / 34.276369; -119.309720 (WWII Gun Emplacements)
9/98 Camp Seaside artillery site built in 1942 in response to the Bombardment of Ellwood, a Japanese submarine attack on the Ellwood Oil Field; located on the west side of the Ventura River estuary within the borders of Emma Wood State Beach
89 Norton Ranch House Norton Ranch House.jpg 71 N. Palm St.
34°16′54″N 119°17′47″W / 34.281549°N 119.296409°W / 34.281549; -119.296409 (Norton Ranch House)
10/98 American Craftsman style house built in 1910 on a walnut farm in east Ventura; moved to its present location in 1990 where it became a French restaurant (since closed)
90 John C. Fremont Camp No Photo Available.svg 100 Block E. Main Street 1/11/99 On January 5, 1847, during the Mexican–American War, John C. Frémont and elements of his California Battalion encamped in an orchard west of the Mission orchard's wall; there was a skirmish with locals in which a merchant, Don Jose Arnaz, was captured and forced to provide supplies.
91 China Alley Historic Area China Alley under construction, April 2018.jpg 200 Block E. Main Street
34°16′49″N 119°17′51″W / 34.280414°N 119.297633°W / 34.280414; -119.297633 (China Alley Historic Area)
Perpendicular to Figueroa Street between Main and Santa Clara Streets Center of Chinese settlement and commercial activity starting in the early 1880s
92 Louis Rudolph Craftsman Bungalow Louis Rudolph Craftsman Bungalow.jpg 958 E. Santa Clara St.
34°16′46″N 119°17′10″W / 34.279333°N 119.286121°W / 34.279333; -119.286121 (Louis Rudolph Craftsman Bungalow)
3/02 American Craftsman bungalow built in 1922
93 Petit Tudor Petit Tudor (VHL 93).jpg 1725 Miramar Dr.
34°17′01″N 119°16′22″W / 34.283614°N 119.272708°W / 34.283614; -119.272708 (Petit Tudor)
10/02 English Tudor house built in 1929, designed by John C. Austin
94 Rancho Attilio Site Rancho Attilio Site.jpg 10814 Telephone Rd.
34°16′55″N 119°09′14″W / 34.281862°N 119.153809°W / 34.281862; -119.153809 (Rancho Attilio Site)
3/27/06 117-acre ranch established in 1916 by Attilio Vanoni; associated with the development of the Saticoy area; the small parcel on Telephone Road is the site of the original Vanoni homestead
95 Mayfair Theater Site Mayfair Theater architectural drawing.jpg 793 East Santa Clara St.
34°16′47″N 119°17′20″W / 34.279672°N 119.288907°W / 34.279672; -119.288907 (Mayfair Theater Site)
3/27/06 Site of Moderne movie palace designed by S. Charles Lee, it later became an adult theater; damaged by fire in 2000 and demolished in 2004
96 Coast Live Oak Tree Thompson Blvd. and Palm St.
34°16′44″N 119°17′47″W / 34.278802°N 119.296362°W / 34.278802; -119.296362 (Coast Live Oak Tree)
3/27/06 Located at the southwest corner of the San Miguel Chapel site, a Coast Live Oak tree with a diameter of 52 inches
97 Matthew H. Arnold Residence Arnold Residence (Ventura Historic Landmark No. 97).jpg 92 North Fir St.
34°16′55″N 119°17′23″W / 34.281930°N 119.289774°W / 34.281930; -119.289774 (Arnold Residence)
3/27/06 Colonial Revival house built in 1907
98 Lewis Rudolph Residence Rudolph residence (VHL 98).jpg 86 Encinal Place
34°16′51″N 119°16′31″W / 34.280712°N 119.275364°W / 34.280712; -119.275364 (Rudolph Residence)
10/15/07 Spanish Revival house built in 1927; the family of Olympic gold medalist Mike Larrabee lived in the house
99 Elks Ventura Lodge No. 1430 Elks Ventura Lodge No. 1430.jpg 11 S. Ash St.
34°16′50″N 119°17′20″W / 34.280473°N 119.288821°W / 34.280473; -119.288821 (Elks Ventura Lodge No. 1430)
5/5/08 Spanish Colonial Revival structure built in 1928; occupied by the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks from 1928 to 2004.
100 Ventura Avenue Water Purification Plant Ventura Avenue Water Treatment Facility.jpg 5895 N. Ventura Ave.
34°20′35″N 119°17′38″W / 34.342960°N 119.293995°W / 34.342960; -119.293995 (Ventura Avenue Water Purification Plant)
2/5/08 Spanish Colonial Revival administration building constructed in 1938; designated as well for representing the city's water development history
101 Harry S. Valentine House Harry S. Valentine House.jpg 993 E. Santa Clara St.
34°16′47″N 119°17′08″W / 34.279769°N 119.285667°W / 34.279769; -119.285667 (Harry S. Valentine House)
3/10/08 Craftsman house with Oriental influences, built in 1915
102 McGuire Building/Pythian Castle McGuire Building-Pythian Castle.jpg 315-321 E. Main St.
34°16′52″N 119°17′45″W / 34.281005°N 119.295844°W / 34.281005; -119.295844 (McGuire Building/Pythian Castle)
Built 1906-1907, commercial structure includes decorative brick facade with a recessed X and O pattern and friezes
103 Strickland Residence Strickland residence (VHL 103).jpg 1660 Poli St.
34°16′52″N 119°16′30″W / 34.281061°N 119.275092°W / 34.281061; -119.275092 (Strickland Residence)
9/21/09 Designated for association with notable women, including Florence Brigham and her daughter Helen Brigham
104 Hobart-Barr-Lucking Residence Hobart-Barr-Lucking House.jpg 230 S. Ash St.
34°16′40″N 119°17′18″W / 34.277864°N 119.288254°W / 34.277864; -119.288254 (Lucking Residence)
7/19/10 Colonial Revival house built between 1902 and 1906
105 Thomas Gavin Gabbert Farmhouse Gabbert Farmhouse.jpg 280 Parsons Ave.
34°16′50″N 119°14′00″W / 34.280417°N 119.233418°W / 34.280417; -119.233418 (Gabbert Farmhouse)
9/27/10 Craftsman style farmhouse built between 1910 and 1914
106 Lucking Residence Lucking residence.jpg 244 S. Ash St.
34°16′40″N 119°17′18″W / 34.277706°N 119.288256°W / 34.277706; -119.288256 (Lucking Residence)
8/6/12 Colonial Revival house with a rock foundation and decorative wood posts, pilasters, carved dentils; built by Franklin and Julia Cook Hobart between 1892 and 1905
107 Albert G. and Maude Shaffer Residence Shaffer residence (VHL 107).jpg 134 Chrisman Ave.
34°16′41″N 119°16′40″W / 34.278101°N 119.277769°W / 34.278101; -119.277769 (Shaffer Residence)
10/21/13 Spanish Colonial Revival house built in 1927
108 Swift and Company Building Swift and Company Building (Ventura, California).jpg 305 S. Kalorama St.
34°16′37″N 119°17′14″W / 34.276825°N 119.287142°W / 34.276825; -119.287142 (Swift & Co. Bldg.)
5/5/14 Spanish Colonial with Mission Revival influences
109 Frederick Neill & Ida Foster Baker Residence Frederick Neill & Ida Foster Baker Residence.jpg 1093 Poli St.
34°16′57″N 119°17′03″W / 34.282383°N 119.284123°W / 34.282383; -119.284123 (Frederick Neill & Ida Foster Baker Residence)
5/8/17 Craftsman style house
110 The Mission Hotel building The Mission Hotel building (Ventura, California).jpg 79-97 S. Oak St.
34°16′47″N 119°17′42″W / 34.279739°N 119.294989°W / 34.279739; -119.294989 (The Mission Hotel building)
5/8/17 Built in 1926 in Spanish Colonial Revival style; a pawn shop and an antique doll shop currently operate on the ground level
111 The Hamilton Hotel (1924) The Hamilton Hotel (1924).jpg 363-367 E. Main St.
34°16′52″N 119°17′43″W / 34.281025°N 119.295225°W / 34.281025; -119.295225 (The Hamilton Hotel)
5/8/17 Commercial block built in 1924 with decorative brick facade with hotel name and letter "H" etched into recesses

Ventura Historic Districts

Name Image Boundaries Description
Mission Historic District Mission San Buenaventura.jpg Santa Clara St. (south), Ventura Ave. (west), Poli St. (north), Palm Street (east) The oldest section of downtown Ventura surrounding Mission San Buenaventura; the district includes more than 10 historic landmarks.
Mitchell Block Historic District Mary Mitchell House (Mitchell Block).jpg Plaza Park/Houses at 608, 620, 632, 644, 658, 670, 682 and 692 Thompson Boulevard
34°16′41″N 119°17′27″W / 34.278078°N 119.290715°W / 34.278078; -119.290715 (Mitchell Block Historic District)
The district includes Plaza Park and the historic homes across Thompson Street from the park, including the Conklin Residence and the Mary Mitchell House; "the only intact and relatively unaltered block of houses remaining downtown"
Selwyn Shaw Historic District Selwyn Shaw House.jpg Buena Vista St. (north), Ann St. (west), Hemlock St. (east), Poli St. (south)
34°16′56″N 119°16′59″W / 34.282347°N 119.283097°W / 34.282347; -119.283097 (Selwyn Shaw Historic District)
City block northwest of downtown includes three historic landmarks: Selwyn Shaw House; Suyter House; and Bert Shaw House.
Simpson Tract Historic District Sheridan Way (west), Ventura Avenue (east), W. Prospect St. (south), W. Simpson St. (north)
34°17′17″N 119°18′03″W / 34.288139°N 119.300796°W / 34.288139; -119.300796 (Simpson Historic District)
Four city blocks and 182 homes located west of Ventura Avenue, built from 1925 to 1930 provided affordable housing to workers during the city's oil boom; designated a historic district in 1990
Ivy Lawn Cemetery Historic District Ivy Lawn Cemetery Historic District (Ventura Historic District).jpg 5400 Valentine Rd.
34°15′16″N 119°12′57″W / 34.254546°N 119.215699°W / 34.254546; -119.215699 (Ivy Lawn Cemetery Historic District)
Cemetery deemed a historic district in 2013 for its architecture and as the burial place of historically-important people

Other designations

Old Mission Reservoir
Old Mission Reservoir

Other Ventura sites receiving historic designations:

  • Thomas Gould Jr. House. American Craftsman style California bungalow at 402 Lynn Drive, built in 1924 and designed by Henry Greene of Greene and Greene. The house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.
  • Old Mission Reservoir. Part of the water system for Mission San Buenaventura (the settling tank or receiving reservoir; the site can be found in Eastwood Park); designated as California Historical Landmark No. 114.
  • Santa Gertrudis Asistencia (Chapel) Monument. The structure was built in 1809 and ceased operation around 1840. The site was in the path of the Ojai freeway, and the remains were moved in 1968 with several foundation stones being used to create the monument. Located 0.3 miles north of the Avenue Water Treatment Facility (VHL 100) on the east side of the road, flanked by two cypress trees. Designated as Ventura County Historical Landmark No. 11 in December 1970.
  • Five Trees. Five blue gum eucalyptus trees on the hilltop overlooking Ventura were designated in 1987 as Ventura County Historical Landmark No. 110. Joseph Sexton planted a row of 13 trees in 1898, but a 1903 fire destroyed all but five of the trees. Three of the remaining trees were cut down by vandals in 1940 but were replaced. In 1956, four of the trees were cut down, leaving only one. Replacement trees were planted in 1966 but only two remain.
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