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Coclé Province

Provincia de Coclé
Saint John the Baptist cathedral, Penonomé
Flag of Coclé Province
Coat of arms of Coclé Province
Coat of arms
Coclé, in red, in Panama
Coclé, in red, in Panama
Country  Panama
Founded 1985
Capital Penonomé
Districts Aguadulce, Antón, La Pintada, Natá, Olá, Penonomé
 • Total 4,946.6 km2 (1,909.9 sq mi)
 • Total 233,708
 • Density 47.2462/km2 (122.3671/sq mi)
Demonym(s) Coclesano
Time zone UTC+1 (Eastern Time)
 • Summer (DST) UTC-5 (CEST)
ISO 3166 code PA-2

Coclé is a province of Panama. The province is in central Panama on the southern coast along the Pacific Ocean. The provincial capital is the city of Penonomé.


This province was created in 1855 with the name of Department of Coclé, during the presidency of Justo de Arosemena. Its name was changed to province on 20 October 1985.


The Coclé province borders the Colón province to the north, the Panamá Oeste province to the east, the Pacific Ocean and the Herrera province to the south and the Veraguas province to the west.


The Coclé province has an area of 4,946.6 km2 (1,909.89 sq mi).

The Cordillera Central ("Central Mountain range) is in the northern part of the province and divides the province in two drainage basins; to the north, the rivers flow to the Caribbean Sea but to the south of the mountain range the rivers flow to the Pacific Ocean.

In the southern part of the province there is a large plain that gets to the Pacific coast.

Protected areas

In the northeast of the province is the Parque Nacional General de División Omar Torrijos Herrera, a national park.


The people of the province are known as Coclesanos (women:Coclesanas).

The Coclé province had a population, in 2010, of 233,708, for a population density of 47.2 inhabitants/km2.

Evolution of the population in Coclé province

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Administrative divisions

The Coclé province is divided in six districts, which are divided into 44 corregimientos.

Districts Capital Area
Aguadulce San Juan Bautista de Aguadulce 469.3 43,360 92.4 San Juan Bautista de Aguadulce, El Cristo, El Roble, Pocrí, Barrios Unidos
Antón Antón 747.8 54,632 73.1 Antón, Cabuya, El Chirú, El Retiro, El Valle, Juan Díaz, Río Hato, San Juan de Dios, Santa Rita, Caballero
La Pintada La Pintada 1,030.0 25,639 24.9 La Pintada, El Harino, El Potrero, Llano Grande, Piedras Gordas, Las Lomas, Llano Norte
Natá Natá de los Caballeros 605.2 18,465 30.5 Natá, Capellanía, El Caño, Guzmán, Las Huacas, Toza
Olá Olá 385.7 5,875 15.2 Olá, El Copé, El Palmar, El Picacho, La Pava
Penonomé Penonomé 1,708.6 85,737 50.2 Penonomé, Cañaveral, Coclé, Chiguirí Arriba, El Coco, Pajonal, Río Grande, Río Indio, Toabré, Tulú, El Valle de San Miguel


Coclé is primarily an agricultural area, with sugar and tomatoes as major crops. The province has a number of well-known beaches, such as Santa Clara, Farallon and Rio Hato, and tourist activity has increased in recent years.


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