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Corpus Christi College
Corpus Christi College New Court, Cambridge, UK - Diliff.jpg
Corpus Christi College New Court
Arms of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.svg
Arms of Corpus Christi College
Blazon: Quarterly gules and azure, in the first and fourth quarters a pelican in its piety and in the second and third three lily-flowers slipped and leaved all argent.
University University of Cambridge
Location Trumpington Street (map)
Coordinates 52°12′11″N 0°07′05″E / 52.2031°N 0.1180°E / 52.2031; 0.1180
Full name The College of Corpus Christi and the Blessed Virgin Mary in the University of Cambridge
Abbreviation CC
Motto The college has no motto, but there is a toast used at many events: Floreat Antiqua Domus (Latin)
Motto in English May the old house flourish
Founders The Guild of Corpus Christi,
The Guild of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Established 1352; 672 years ago (1352)
Previous names Informal: Bene’t College or Benedict College (until about the 1820s)
Sister college Corpus Christi College, Oxford
Master Christopher Kelly
Undergraduates 266
Postgraduates 201
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge is located in Central Cambridge
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge
Location in Central Cambridge

Corpus Christi College (full name: "The College of Corpus Christi and the Blessed Virgin Mary", often shortened to "Corpus", or previously "The Body"), is a constituent college of the University of Cambridge. From the late 14th century through to the early 19th century it was also commonly known as St Benet's College.

The college is notable as the only one founded by Cambridge townspeople: it was established in 1352 by the Guild of Corpus Christi and the Guild of the Blessed Virgin Mary, making it the sixth-oldest college in Cambridge. With around 250 undergraduates and 200 postgraduates, it also has the second smallest student body of the traditional colleges of the University, after Peterhouse.

The College has traditionally been one of the more academically successful colleges in the University of Cambridge. In the unofficial Tompkins Table, which ranks the colleges by the class of degrees obtained by their undergraduates, in 2012 Corpus was in third position, with 32.4% of its undergraduates achieving first-class degrees. The college's average position between 2003 and 2012 was 9th, and in the most recent rankings, it was placed 10th.

Corpus ranks among the wealthiest Cambridge colleges in terms of fixed assets, being exceptionally rich in silver. The College's endowment was valued at £90.9M at the end of June 2017, while its net assets were valued at £227.4M.

Notable alumni

Christopher Marlowe
The Marlowe portrait, often claimed to be Christopher Marlowe, playwright
Archbishop Matthew Parker
Archbishop Matthew Parker, Master of the College and Archbishop of Canterbury. He was the college's greatest benefactor.
Sir Nicholas Bacon
Sir Nicholas Bacon Lord Keeper of the Great Seal in the court of Elizabeth I, attended Corpus Christi College in 1524.
John Fletcher from NPG
John Fletcher, influential playwright and contemporary of Shakespeare, attended Corpus Christi College in 1591.
Stukeley William
William Stukeley, antiquarian, attended Corpus Christi College in 1708.
John-Cowper-Powys 2
John Cowper Powys, novelist and philosopher, attended Corpus Christi College in 1891.
Christopher Isherwood 6 Allan Warren
Christopher Isherwood, influential novelist, attended Corpus Christi College in 1925 without completing his degree.
Edward Upward, c. 1937
Edward Upward, novelist, Isherwood's friend and mentor, graduated in 1925.
E P Thompson at 1980 protest rally (cropped)
E. P. Thompson, social historian and political activist, graduated from Corpus in 1946.
Sir Terence Etherton
Rt Hon Sir Terence Etherton, Master of the Rolls of England and Wales, jurist and high-ranking judge, attended Corpus in 1969.
Name Birth Death Career
St Richard Reynolds c1492 1535 Catholic martyr
Matthew Parker 1504 1575 Archbishop of Canterbury (1559–1575), Master of Corpus (1544–1553), Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge (1545, 1548)
Sir Nicholas Bacon 1509 1579 Politician and Lord Keeper of the Great Seal
George Wishart 1513 1546 Scottish reformer and Protestant martyr
Robert Browne 1540 1630 English Congregationalist and separatist
Francis Kett 1547 1589 Free-thinker; burned for heresy at Norwich
Sir Thomas Cavendish 1555 1592 Navigator
Robert Greene 1558 1592 Author, playwright, and wit
John Greenwood 1593 Puritan and Separatist
Christopher Marlowe 1564 1593 Dramatist, poet, translator
Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork 1566 1643 English Courtier and Lord Treasurer of Ireland
Benjamin Carier 1566 1614 Chaplain to King James I, Fellow of Chelsea College and convert to Catholicism
John Robinson 1575 1625 English Dissenter and pastor to the Pilgrim Fathers
John Fletcher 1579 1625 Playwright
Sir John Wildman 1621 1693 English soldier, Leveller, and politician
Thomas Tenison 1636 1715 Archbishop of Canterbury (1694–1715)
Samuel Wesley 1662 1735 Poet and writer, father of John Wesley and Charles Wesley
Stephen Hales 1677 1761 Physiologist, chemist and inventor
William Stukeley 1687 1765 Antiquarian and biographer of Sir Isaac Newton
Sir John Cust 1718 1770 Speaker of the House of Commons (1761–1770)
Charles Yorke 1722 1770 Lord Chancellor (1770), Attorney General (1762–1763, 1765–1766)
Richard Rigby 1722 1788 Paymaster of the Forces (1768–1784)
Frederick Augustus Hervey, 4th Earl of Bristol 1730 1803 Bishop of Cloyne (1767–1768) and Bishop of Derry (1768–1803)
Richard Gough 1735 1809 Antiquarian
Sir William Ashburnham, 5th Baronet 1739 1823 Member of Parliament (MP) for Hastings (1761–1774)
George Capel-Coninsby 1757 1839 5th Earl of Essex and Lord Lieutenant of Herefordshire (1802–1827), MP for Lostwithiel (1781–1784), Okehampton (1785–1790), Radnor (1794–1799) and Westminster (1779–1780)
William St Julien Arabin 1791 1841 British jurist
Joseph Blakesley 1808 1885 Clergyman and author
John James Stewart Perowne 1823 1904 Theologian
George Evans Moule 1828 1912 English clergyman and first Bishop of Mid-China (1880–1907)
Frederick Barff 1840 1886 Chemist and co-inventor of the Bower-Barff process
Sir Horace Avory 1851 1935 English Judge and the prosecution against Oscar Wilde
William Henry Dines 1855 1927 English meteorologist
Sydney Copeman 1862 1947 British medical doctor and civil servant
Albert Harland 1869 1957 Conservative MP for Sheffield Ecclesall (1923–1929)
John Cowper Powys 1872 1963 Writer, lecturer, philosopher
Llewelyn Powys 1884 1939 Writer
Sir Wilfred Marcus Askwith 1890 1962 Bishop of Blackburn (1942–1954) and Bishop of Gloucester (1954–1962)
Captain Henry Macintosh 1892 1918 British athlete, 1912 Olympic gold medal winner and World War One soldier
Captain Sir B. H. Liddell Hart 1895 1970 Military historian
Boris Ord 1897 1961 Composer and Director of Music and Choirmaster at King's College, Cambridge
Edward Upward 1903 2009 Novelist
Christopher Isherwood 1904 1986 Novelist
Sheldon Dick 1906 1950 American publisher, photographer, filmmaker and literary agent
Edward Curzon, 6th Earl Howe 1908 1984 Conservative politician
Sir Desmond Lee 1908 1993 Classical scholar
Robert Hamer 1911 1963 Film director
Dudley Senanayake 1911 1973 Prime Minister of Ceylon (1952–1953, 1960, 1965–1970)
Sir Gordon Wolstenholme 1913 2004 Medical pioneer
Nigel Trench, 7th Baron Ashtown 1916 2010 Ambassador to the Republic of Korea (1969–1971) and to Portugal (1974–1976)
John Chadwick 1920 1998 Classicist and decipherer of Linear B
Robin Coombs 1921 2006 Immunologist
T. E. Utley 1921 1988 English journalist and author
Sir Alan Cook 1922 2004 Professor of Geophysics and President of the Royal Astronomical Society (1977)
Sir Campbell Adamson 1922 2000 Director General of the CBI (1969–1976)
Sir Colin St John Wilson 1922 2007 British architect
E. P. Thompson 1924 1993 Historian, socialist, peace campaigner
Michael William McCrum 1924 2005 English academic and Headmaster of Eton College (1970–1980)
Alistair Macdonald 1925 1999 Labour MP for Chislehurst (1966–1970)
Sir Rhodes Boyson 1925 2012 Conservative MP for Brent North (1974–1997), Minister of State for Northern Ireland (1984–1986), Minister of State for the Environment (1986–1987)
Eric Sams 1926 2004 Musicologist and Shakespearean scholar
Christopher Hooley 1928 British mathematician
Sir John Michael Gorst 1929 2010 Conservative MP for Hendon North (1970–1997)
The Very Revd Michael Mayne 1929 2006 Dean of Westminster Abbey (1986–1996)
Joe Farman 1930 2013 Geophysicist and discoverer of the ozone hole over Antarctica
David Blow 1931 2004 Chemist and inventor of X-ray crystallography
John C. Taylor 1933 Inventor, entrepreneur, horologist and philanthropist
General the Rt Hon the Lord Ramsbotham 1934 Soldier and Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons (1995–2001)
General Sir Jeremy Blacker 1939 2005 Master-General of the Ordnance (1991–1995)
Prof Sir Alan Wilson 1939 Scientist, Master of Corpus (2006–2007)
Oliver Rackham 1939 2015 Ecologist, Master of Corpus (2007–2008)
Sir Anthony Bottoms 1939 Wolfson Professor of Criminology at Cambridge (1984–2006)
Michael Steed 1940 Psephologist and Liberal politician
Christopher Andrew 1941 Official historian of MI5
Stewart Sutherland, Baron Sutherland of Houndwood 1941 Academic and Crossbench peer
John Elliot Lewis 1942 Headmaster of Eton College (1994–2002)
Sir Richard Armstrong 1943 British conductor and musician
Prof Sir Colin Blakemore 1944 Neurologist and academic
Simon May 1944 Musician and composer
John Cameron 1944 Musician and composer
Richard Henderson 1945 Nobel Prize-winning biologist
Edward Higginbottom 1946 Musician and former Director of Music at New College, Oxford
Sir Mark Elder 1947 Current Conductor and Musical Director of the Hallé Orchestra
Neil Hamilton 1947 UKIP Welsh Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales (2016–), Deputy Chair of the UK Independence Party (2014–2016), Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Corporate Affairs (1992–1994), Conservative MP for Tatton (1983–1997)
Sir David Omand 1947 Former British civil servant and Director of the Government Communications Headquarters (1996–1997)
Karol Sikora 1948 Controversial oncologist and Chief of the World Health Organization cancer programme (1997–1999)
Admiral Sir James Burnell-Nugent 1949 Commander-in-Chief Fleet (2005–2007)
Richard Shephard 1949 2021 Composer
Sir Stephen Lamport 1951 Receiver General of Westminster Abbey, Private Secretary to HRH Prince of Wales (1996–2002)
Rt Hon Sir Terence Etherton 1951 Master of the Rolls of England and Wales (2016–), Chancellor of the High Court (2013–2016), Lord Justice of Appeal (2008–2013). Former Olympic fencer (1980).
Kenneth Falconer 1952 Regius Professor of Mathematics, University of St. Andrews (2018–)
Lord Hodge 1953 Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom
Lord Maude of Horsham 1953 Minister of State for Trade and Investment (2015–2016), Minister for the Cabinet Office (2010–2015), Conservative MP for Horsham (1997–), Conservative MP for North Warwickshire (1983–1992), Financial Secretary to the Treasury (1990–1992) and Chairman of the Conservative Party (1999–2001)
Robert McCrum 1953 Writer and editor
Tom Utley 1953 English journalist
Tony Little 1954 Headmaster of Eton College (2002–2015)
Peter Luff 1955 Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology (2010–2012), Conservative MP for Mid Worcestershire (1997–), MP for Worcester (1992–1997)
Sir Jeremy Stuart-Smith 1955 English High Court judge
Owen Paterson 1956 Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (2012–2014), Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (2010–2012), Conservative MP for North Shropshire (1997–)
Kevin McCloud 1959 Designer, presenter of Grand Designs
Bernard Jenkin 1959 Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party for Candidates (2005–2006), Shadow Secretary of State for the Regions (2003–2005), Shadow Secretary of State for Defence (2001–2003), Conservative MP for Harwich and North Essex (1997–present), MP for Colchester North (1992–1997)
Shah Mehmood Qureshi 1956 Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan (1993–1996; 2002–2007; 2008–2013; 2013–2018; 2018–), Vice-Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (2011–), Minister of Foreign Affairs, Government of Pakistan (2008–2011; 2018–), Minister for Planning and Development of Punjab (1988–1990), Minister for Finance of Punjab (1990–1993)
Makhdoom Ali Khan 1954 Barrister, Attorney General of Pakistan (2001–2007)
Simon Heffer 1960 Journalist
Andrew J. Watson 1961 Bishop of Guildford (2014– ), Bishop of Aston (2008–2014)
David Gibbins 1962 Novelist and archaeologist
Marty Natalegawa 1963 Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Indonesia), Government of Indonesia (2009–2014), Permanent Representative of Indonesia to the United Nations (2007–2009)
Hugh Bonneville 1963 English actor
Madeleine Bunting 1964 Author, editor, and journalist
Philip Jeyaretnam 1964 Singaporean lawyer and writer
Murray Gold 1969 English composer for stage, film, and television
David Saint-Jacques 1970 Astronaut, physicist and physician
Ivo Stourton 1982 Author
Helen Oyeyemi 1984 Author
Pierre Novellie 1991 Comedian

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