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Virgin River cryptantha
Cryptantha virginensis 2.jpg
Cryptantha virginensis in the State Line Hills, 1 km northwest of Primm, Nevada, near the Spring Mountains.
Scientific classification
C. virginensis
Binomial name
Cryptantha virginensis
(M.E.Jones) Payson

Oreocarya virginensis (M.E.Jones) J.F.Macbr.
Krynitzkia glomerata A.Gray var. virginensis M.E.Jones (basionym)

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Cryptantha virginensis is a species of wildflower in the borage family known by the common name Virgin River cryptantha. This is a small plant native to the southwestern United States (Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah) where it is a common plant in scrub and woodland. It is named for the Virgin River, a tributary of the Colorado River which runs through the region. This cryptantha is an annual or occasionally a perennial up to 40 centimeters in height. It is coated densely in long white hairs and bristles. The inflorescence is cylindrical or club-shaped, packed with tubular flowers with flat-faced corollas. The flower is usually bright white with yellow throat parts at the tube opening. The fruit is a rough, ridged nutlet.

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