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House of Curzon, which dates back to the 1200s, is one of the most acknowledged English aristocratic families. Its family members have held almost 14 hereditary titles, including Earl Howe, Marquess Curzon of Kedleston, Earl Curzon of Kedleston, Viscount Scarsdale, Viscount Curzon, Viscounts Howe, Baron Scarsdale, Curzon of Kedleston, Baron Ravensdale, Baron Howe, Manor of Curzon, Baron Curzon, Baronet Kedleston Hall and Baronet Mosley.


In the year 1759, when Nathaniel Curzon did the house's commissioning and then by Robert Adam's designation. The first son of the 4th Baron Scarsdale, known as George Nathaniel Curzon, was also the first Marquess Curzon of Kedleston. Kedleston was the second Baroness Ravensdale from 1896-1966, while Sir Nicholas Mosley was the 3rd Baron Ravensdale his mother was Cynthia Blanche Mosley (1898-1933), a daughter of George Curzon. The first Earl Howe was known as Curzon-Howe Richard William (1796–1870), the second was Curzon-Howe George Frederick (1821–76), and the third was Earl Howe as Curzon-Howe Richard William (1822–1900). Curzon Richard George (1861–1929), Curzon Francis Penn (1884–1964), Curzon Richard Assheton (1908–84), and Curzon Frederick Richard (b. 1951) were the fourth to seventh, respectively.

The Kedleston Hall is one of the estates owned by the Curzon family, and it's located in the northwest of Derby, more precisely Derbyshire's Kedleston, which is six kilometers away. Its main function is to cat as the Curzon’s family seat. Even after Richard Curzon met his death, the Kedleston Hall maintained its expensive status hence compelling Francis Curzon, his cousin, to settle death dues by submitting the estate to the state.

Present Day

Several facilities have been named after the Curzon family, such as Curzon Street, of which most residents believe that it was named after Mr. George Howe, who was the 3rd Viscount Howe. However, the street was transferred to another member of the Curzon family who maintained the surname "Curzon". Another street in North West expanse London is named Curzon Avenue, and it's located in the Northwich, Weaver Vale constituency. A soccer club called Curzon Ashton F.C. is located in the Ashton-under-Lyne, whose history can be traced back to the Curzon's family since several family members participated in the club's activities. Three other parks bear the Curzon family's name, namely; Curzon Park (in Chester), Curzon Park Abbey (a monastery of nuns) and Roker Curzon Park (Sunderland).

In honor of his cousin John Barnewall Curzon, Henry Francis Roper, who originated from the House of Roper, decided to join houses in the year 1788. To date, some of his descendants still use the name Roper-Curzon, and some of the famous members of the Curzon’s family include Harry Roper-Curzon, John Roper-Curzon, and David Roper-Curzon.

Family Motto

Their family motto states, "Let Curzon hold what Curzon held," and it acted as the coat of arms' alternative.

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