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Cyon is mobile phone brand of Korean LG Electronics. The brand was launched in 1997. Cyon represents the cutting-edge technology in cellphone market world-wide. Cyon adopts "Smart technology", development philosophy that reflects users' emotions, in manufacturing products. Cyon prioritizes customers' opinions and desires in new designs.

Cyon's headquarters are in Seoul, Korea. However, Cyon branched out to Europe, North America, South America and Asia with strategic marketing, gaining success.

Origin of the name

From the original "Hwatong(화통)" it is renamed several times, into "Freeway" and then "CiON" or "CION", meaning a descendant of a noble blood. And then it is respelled into "CyON", and later to "CYON". When it was being respelled into CyON, it is said that the name was loosely derived from "cyber-on", implying connectivity to the "cyberspace"(or "cybernetic space"), where, in turn, "cyber-" and "cybernetics" find its etymology in Greek κυβερνήτης(steersman, skipper, guide, governor).


Cyon's first generation cell-phones were bar-types. Upon entering year 2000, second generation came to be folder style. In 2002, the third generation of slide-phones were introduced. In 2007, Cyon presented touch phones with the latest technology. Cyon cellphones have functions such as cameras, wireless internet, DMB TV, Blue-tooth and USB memory chip.

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