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A Duke or Grand Duke is a title for nobility of very high rank.

Duke or Dukes may also be:



  • See Duke (surname) and Dukes (surname)


  • Duke Cunningham, an American fighter pilot and disgraced politician
  • George Deukmejian, former Governor of California
  • David Dickinson, British antiques expert, television presenter
  • Michael Dukakis, former Governor of Massachusetts and Democratic nominee for President
  • Duke Ellington, jazz musician
  • Nathan Ellington, English footballer
  • Paul Lo Duca, Major League Baseball catcher
  • Dušan Fabian, Slovak author
  • Orlando Hernández, "El Duque" - Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Duke Kahanamoku, Hawaiian athlete
  • Duke Snider, former center fielder for the Brooklyn Dodgers
  • Mark Viduka, Australian soccer player
  • Rich Ward, guitarist of metal band Fozzy
  • John Wayne, American actor

Fictional characters

  • Duke (G.I. Joe), from the G.I. Joe TV series, toy line and comic book series
  • Duke the Lost Engine, from The Railway series
  • Uncle Duke, from Doonesbury
  • Duke, character from KOF: Maximum Impact
  • Duke of New York, aka "The Duke, A Number One", gang leader in Escape from New York
  • Duke, the dog from movies such as Barnyard and Back at the Barnyard
  • Duke Nukem (character), fictional character and action hero who has been the protagonist in over a dozen video games.

Movies and television

  • The Duke (TV series), 1954
  • The Duke (TV miniseries), 1979
  • The Duke (TV talk show), 2009, TV talk show for men by AXN Asia
  • The Duke (film), a 1999 Disney film
  • The Duke (short), a 1999 short film
  • The Dukes, an animated spinoff of The Dukes of Hazzard


  • The Duke (album), album by Jørn Lande, 2006
  • Duke (album), by Genesis, March 1980
  • Dukes (band), a rock group from New Zealand
  • The Dukes (Australian band), rock band
  • The Dukes (band), a band featuring Miller Anderson and Jimmy McCulloch and their album The Dukes
  • Duke (musician), a British vocalist/songwriter/composer/producer
  • MC Duke, a British rapper
  • Duke Records, a Memphis, Tennessee record label active from 1952 to 1973
  • "The Duke" (Dave Brubeck song), a jazz standard penned by Dave Brubeck
  • "The Duke", a song by Blind Melon from Soup


  • The Duke (racehorse), a 19th century racing champion
  • Albuquerque Dukes, a former Triple A Baseball team
  • Duquesne Dukes, the athletic program of Duquesne University in Pittsburgh
  • James Madison Dukes, the athletic program of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Wellington Dukes, a Junior "A" ice hockey team from Wellington, Ontario, Canada
  • Duluth-Superior Dukes (1960-1970 team), a minor league baseball team
  • Kansas City T-Bones, a professional basesball team formerly known as the Duluth-Superior Dukes (1993-2002)
  • The Dukes, sports team from Garber High School in Essexville, Michigan


  • Dukes Aerospace, a valve maker and part of TransDigm Group
  • Duke Energy, a producer of gas and electric services in the United States
  • Duke Video, Motorsport DVD distributor based in the Isle of Man
  • Duke's, an Indian soft drink brand of Duke and Sons


  • Beechcraft Duke, a twin-engined airplane
  • Duke motorcycles created by KTM such as '620 Duke', '640 Duke II', '690 Duke'
  • The Duke, a short-lived 0-6-0 steam locomotive built in 1817 by George Stephenson for the Kilmarnock and Troon Railway


  • Duke, family pet in the television series The Beverly Hillbillies
  • Duke, anthropomorphic dog with a southern accent in the comic Kelly & Duke
  • Duke, a golden retriever who appears in commercials of Tennessee food producer Bush Brothers and Company
  • Duke, the dog from movies such as Barnyard and Back at the Barnyard

Other uses

  • Duke University, a private research university in Durham, North Carolina
  • Dukes classification, a system for classifying colorectal cancers
  • Duke (mascot), the mascot of the Java programming language
  • Duke language, an Oceanic language
  • The Duke Endowment, an American philanthropic organization
  • Duke, an old English paper size measuring 7x5.5 inches (178x140 mm)
  • Duke butterflies, species of the brush-footed butterfly genera

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