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Ellen's Acres
Created by Larry Schwarz
Directed by Stephen Moverley
Starring Emily Corrao
Marc Thompson
Evelyn Lanto
Vibe Jones
Michael Alston Bailey
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 52
Running time 12 minutes (each episode) approx.
Distributor CAKE
Animation Collective
Original network Cartoon Network
Original release September 29, 2006 (Cartoon Network Video) – February 5, 2007 (2007-02-05)

Ellen's Acres was an American animated television series for preschool-age children, which exclusively premiered weekly on Cartoon Network and in the United Kingdom, the show airs on Cartoonito. Animation Collective produced the series. It originally aired on September 29, 2006 on Cartoon Network in the United States, airing at 9:30 a.m. ET/PT, but has been pulled from the schedule as of February 5, 2007. The show features a very imaginative five-year-old girl named Ellen who has adventures in a hotel her parents own approximately 40 mi (64 km) from Tonopah, Nevada named the Emerald Acres (hence the show's title).


Each episode begins with Ellen narrating the adventure she had in her imagination, but she says, "Actually...", and the scene changes to a desert area, and Ellen says, "I had just gotten off the bus from school and was saying goodbye to Mateo, my bus driver." She then says goodbye to the unseen driver who closes the bus doors, honks the horn twice, and drives off.

Ellen then says hello to her friend, a tire, and carries a feather duster, two useful props in her adventures, then takes them to the hotel offices, where her parents ask how school was and Ellen explains the first adventure. Ellen then sees what her parents are up to (finding a fossil, fixing a fan because the air conditioning broke, etc.) which leads into further imaginary adventures based on chores she's been asked to do.


  • Ellen – A five-year-old girl who moved to Nevada with her mom and dad and has a very vivid imagination. She has orange hair, a gap in her tooth, carries a backpack, wears a light green T-shirt with a daisy, a denim skirt, a pair of mismatched socks (one with two green stripes on her left leg and one with a red and blue stripe on the right leg) and black mary jane shoes. Born in Los Angeles, California, Ellen plays with a Hercules 17 steel-reinforced all-season tire she befriended in nursery school and a mauve-colored hypoallergenic feather duster as her playthings, theatrical company and posse. Emily Corrao is the voice of Ellen.
  • Ellen's parents – Mom, a sports lawyer and former agent, and Dad, an ex-professional skateboarder and amateur geologist, moved to this bucolic desert location near mines forty miles from Tonopah, Nevada after he completed his career in athletics when they decided to settle down. Together, they run the Emerald Acres Hotel. Evelyn Lanto is the voice of Mom, while Marc Thompson is the voice of Dad.
  • Cooter and Connie – The heart and soul of Emerald Acres, Cooter is the resident handyman and Connie is the maid in charge of the place. Vibe Jones voices Connie while Michael Alston Bailey is the voice of Cooter.
  • Mateo – Ellen's unseen bus driver, who drops her off at the hotel at the beginning of every episode.


  1. Dinosaur Lore
  2. Jumpin' Jupiter
  3. Chocolate Chip Treasure
  4. Kitten Caper
  5. Eloise
  6. A Mammoth Adventure
  7. Gold Rush Fever
  8. Mr. Healey
  9. Swamped
  10. Stinky Situation
  11. Dance Fever
  12. Wallpaper Secrets
  13. Fixing the Shed
  14. Squeaky Scratchy Secret
  15. Pool Monster
  16. Martian Mission
  17. Movie Night
  18. Birdhouse
  19. Extreme X-Ray
  20. Ant Antics
  21. Salad Days
  22. Paving the Driveway
  23. Poster Perfect
  24. Special Delivery
  25. Happy Birthday
  26. Yard Sale
  27. Spooky Shadows
  28. Freeze Tag
  29. Dining Out
  30. Car Wash
  31. Mostly Ghostly
  32. Hide and Seek
  33. Saltwater Surprise
  34. The Secret Ingredient
  35. Future Findings
  36. A Royal Rescue
  37. What's that Sound?
  38. Order's Up
  39. Finders Sneakers
  40. The Pharaoh's Formula
  41. Tasty Trails
  42. Mighty Mending
  43. Great Games
  44. Toy Troubles
  45. Chop Chop
  46. Best in Barn
  47. Pearl Pursuit
  48. Granting Wishes
  49. Chalking it Up
  50. Toys and Tricks
  51. Bunny Blues
  52. Puzzle Pieces
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