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Emperor Dezong of Tang
Tang Dezong.jpg
Emperor of Tang Dynasty
Reign June 12, 779 - February 25, 805
Predecessor Emperor Daizong
Successor Emperor Shunzong
Born May 27, 742
Died February 25, 805(805-02-25) (aged 62)
Consorts Empress Zhaode
(died 786)
Issue See § Family
Full name
Era dates
Jiànzhōng (建中) 780-783
Xīngyuán (興元) 784
Zhēnyuán (貞元) 785-805
Posthumous name
Emperor Shenwu Xiaowen
Temple name
Dézōng (德宗)
Dynasty Tang (唐)
Father Emperor Daizong
Mother Empress Ruizhen
Tang Dezong
Literal meaning "Virtuous Ancestor of the Tang"
Li Kuo
Literal meaning (personal name)

Emperor Dezong of Tang (27 May 742 – 25 February 805), personal name Li Kuo, was an emperor of the Chinese Tang Dynasty and the oldest son of Emperor Daizong. His reign of 26 years was the third longest in the Tang dynasty (surpassed only by Emperor Xuanzong and Emperor Gaozong). Emperor Dezong started out as a diligent and frugal emperor and he tried to reform the governmental finances by introducing new tax laws. His attempts to destroy the powerful regional warlords and the subsequent mismanagement of those campaigns, however, resulted in a number of rebellions that nearly destroyed him and the Tang Dynasty. After those events, he dealt cautiously with the regional governors, causing warlordism to become unchecked, and his trust of eunuchs caused the eunuchs' power to rise greatly. He was also known for his paranoia about officials' wielding power, and late in his reign, he did not grant much authority to his chancellors.

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