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Emperor Xuanzong of Tang
Tang XianZong.jpg
Emperor of the Tang dynasty
Reign August 713 – 12 August 756
Predecessor Emperor Ruizong
Successor Emperor Suzong
Born 8 September 685
Died 3 May 762(762-05-03) (aged 76)
Consorts Empress Wang
(m. 693; died 725)
Empress Zhenshun
(died 737)
Empress Yuanxian
(m. 710; died 729)
Issue See § Family
Full name
Family name: Lǐ (李)
Given name: Longji (隆基)
Era dates
Xiāntiān (先天) 712–713
Kāiyuán (開元) 713–741
Tiānbǎo (天寶) 742–756
Posthumous name
Short: Emperor Ming (明皇)
Full: Emperor Zhidao Dasheng Daming Xiao (至道大聖大明孝皇帝)
Temple name
Xuánzōng (玄宗)
House House of Li
Father Emperor Ruizong
Mother Empress Zhaocheng
Signature Tang Xuanzong signature (huaya).jpg
Emperor Xuanzong of Tang
Tang Xuanzong (Chinese characters).svg
"Xuanzong of Tang" in Chinese characters
Chinese 唐玄宗
Literal meaning "Mystical Ancestor of the Tang"
Tang Minghuang
Chinese 唐明皇
Literal meaning "Bright Emperor of the Tang"
Li Longji
Chinese 李隆基
Literal meaning (personal name)
Illustrious August
Chinese 明皇帝
Literal meaning The bright ruler

Emperor Xuanzong of Tang ( 8 September 685 – 3 May 762), also commonly known as Emperor Ming of Tang or Illustrious August, personal name Li Longji, was the seventh emperor of the Tang dynasty in China, reigning from 713 to 756 CE. His reign of 43 years was the longest during the Tang dynasty. In the early half of his reign he was a diligent and astute ruler. Ably assisted by capable chancellors like Yao Chong, Song Jing and Zhang Yue, he was credited with bringing Tang China to a pinnacle of culture and power. Emperor Xuanzong, however, was blamed for over-trusting Li Linfu, Yang Guozhong and An Lushan during his late reign, with Tang's golden age ending in the An Lushan Rebellion.

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