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First Bulgarian Empire

ц︢рьство бл︢гарское
First Bulgarian Empire in 850
First Bulgarian Empire in 850
Capital Pliska (681–893),
Preslav (893–968/972),
Skopje, Ohrid, Bitola (until 1018)
Common languages Bulgar,
Byzantine Greek,
Balkan Romance,
Old Bulgarian (official from 893)
Tengrism, Slavic paganism (681–864),
Orthodox Christianity (state religion from 864)
Government Absolute monarchy
• 681-700
Asparuh (first)
• 1015-1018
Ivan Vladislav of Bulgaria (last)
Historical era Middle Ages
• Asparuh arrives and defeats Eastern Rome at the Battle of Ongal
• New Bulgarian state recognized by Eastern Rome
• Christianisation
• Adoption of Old Bulgarian as a national language
• Simeon I assumes the title of Tsar (Emperor)
• Theme Bulgaria established in Byzantine Empire
1018 1018
895 440,000 km2 (170,000 sq mi)
927 325,000 km2 (125,000 sq mi)
1000 235,000 km2 (91,000 sq mi)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Byzantine Calvary cross potent (transparent).png Quaestura exercitus
Image missing Avar Khaganate
The Monogram of Kubrat.png Old Great Bulgaria
Byzantine Empire under the Macedonian dynasty Flag placeholder.svg

The First Bulgarian Empire (Old Bulgarian: ц︢рьство бл︢гарское, ts'rstvo bl'garskoe) was a medieval Bulgarian state founded in AD 632 in the lands near the Danube Delta and which disintegrated in AD 1185 after its annexation to the Byzantine Empire.

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