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Fulk I of Anjou (870 – 942), called the Red (French: Le Roux, Latin: Rufus), was first the viscount of Anjou, then Count of Anjou until his death. He was the Count of Tours, Count of Nantes, and a lay abbot. Fulk increased the size of the county of Anjou as well as the prestige of his family.


Born c. 870, Fulk was the son of Count Ingelger and Adelais de Amboise.

He ruled the county of Anjou from c. 908 to 942, first as Viscount then in 929 as Count. It is not known why there was a period of time between Ingelger's rule and his son Fulk's. In 899 he became Viscount of Tours and in 905, Count of Tours. About 900-918 he was Count of Nantes. He increased the territory of the county of Anjou. During his reign, he was permanently at war with the Normans and the Bretons. He lost Nantes to the Normans in 919. Normans and their Viking allies often invaded Brittany and Anjou. c. 927, Ingelger, Fulk's oldest son was killed defending Anjou against Norman attacks.

Fulk built important connections for his family. His wife's family helped secure his countship of Nantes. His son Guy became the Bishop of Soissons. Fulk also succeeded his , Warnerius, as lay abbot of Saint-Aubin. Fulk was lay abbot of St. Lézin as well. Through these many positions Fulk his family's status and fortune. Fulk I died c. 942.


Fulk married Roscille de Loches. She was the daughter of Warnerius (Widone),Seigneur de Loches, de Villentrois, & de la Haye, and his wife Tecandra. He and Roscille had:

  • Ingelger ( bef. 927).
  • Guy (Wido), Bishop of Soissons ( 970).
  • Fulk II. Succeeded his father as Count of Anjou.
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