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Hammadid dynasty
The Hammadid dynasty (green), c. 1100.
Capital Beni Hammad (until 1090)
Béjaïa (after 1090)
Languages Berber, Classical Arabic, Mozarabic
Religion Sunni Islam (Maliki)
Government Monarchy
 •  1008–1028 Hammad ibn Buluggin
 •  1121–1152 Yahya ibn Abd al-Aziz
 •  Established 1014
 •  Disestablished 1152
Currency Dinar
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Almohad dynasty

The Hammadids were a Berber group. It was in what is now north-eastern modern Algeria. It existed from about 1008 to 1152. They were destroyed by the Almohads.

The capital was first Qalaat Beni Hammad. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 1090 the capital was changed to Béjaïa.


  • Hammad ibn Buluggin, 1014–1028
  • al-Qaid ibn Hammad, 1028–1045
  • Muhsin ibn Qaid, 1045–1046
  • Buluggin ibn Muhammad ibn Hammad, 1046–1062
  • an-Nasir ibn Alnas ibn Hammad, 1062–1088
  • al-Mansur ibn Nasir, 1088–1104
  • Badis ibn Mansur, 1104
  • Abd al-Aziz ibn Mansur, 1104–1121
  • Yahya ibn Abd al-Aziz, 1121–1152

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