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Native budworm
CSIRO ScienceImage 82 Helicoverpa punctigera Moth.jpg
CSIRO ScienceImage 83 Helicoverpa punctigera Moth Larvae.jpg
Scientific classification
H. punctigera
Binomial name
Helicoverpa punctigera
(Wallengren, 1860)
  • Heliothis punctigera Wallengren, 1860
  • Chloridea marmada Swinhoe, 1918

Helicoverpa punctigera, the native budworm or Australian bollworm, is a species of moth in the family Noctuidae. This species is native to Australia. H. punctigera are capable of long distance migration from their inland Australian habitat towards coastal regions and are an occasional migrant to New Zealand.

The wingspan is ca. 40 millimetres (1.6 in). Adult lifespan (in the laboratory) was measured as ranging from 11 to 18 days.

This species is a generalist, with larvae observed feeding on at least 100 plant species, and are considered a pest for tobacco, flax, peas, sunflower, cotton, maize, tomatoes and other crops. Outside of agricultural settings, primary host plants include some Australian native daisies, in particular flat billy buttons Leiocarpa brevicompta, annual yellow tops Senecio gregorii, and also the native legume Cullen cinereum.


Eggs: H. punctigera egg are spherical in shape while its colours vary based on the stage of Larvae development. While originally white, the eggs will change to brown and finally black just before producing a hatchling.

Larvae: Commonly observed to have a brown or black head with a yellowish – white body with dark spots. H. punctigera larvae can grow up to 29 to 30 mm in length during the sixth (6th) instar.

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