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"I Can't Wait"
Single by Brooke McClymont
B-side "It's Not Worth It"
Released 17 June 2002 (Australia)
Recorded Australia, 2002
Genre Pop rock
Length 3:57
Label Universal
Songwriter(s) Brooke McClymont, Christopher Ward, Matthew Gerrard
Producer(s) Charles Fisher
Brooke McClymont singles chronology
"I Can't Wait"
"I Don't Think, I Know"

"I Can't Wait" is a contemporary rock song written by Brooke McClymont, Christopher Ward and Matthew Gerrard. McClymont recorded the song as her debut single; it was released in Australia on 17 June 2002 as a CD single and peaked at number forty-nine on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart. McClymont chose the song to be her debut single because she felt it is a really positive song and shows her personality.

Chart performance

The song made its debut on the charts on 24 June 2002 on the ARIA Hitseekers Chart at number twenty, debuting outside the top one hundred. On its second and third week on the charts it again failed to break the top one hundred, but it moved into the top ten of the Hitseekers Chart. On 8 July 2002 the song debuted at number eighty-eight on the Australian singles chart. On its fourth week in the charts it broke into the top fifty and peaked at number forty-nine, its highest peak. The song left the charts at number ninety and spent nine weeks on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart. The song peaked at number ten on the Australasian Singles Chart.

Music video

The video was directed by Sam Rebillet. It opens with McClymont walking down the street holding a guitar, and she goes inside a building and walks up the stairs. She then sits on a windowsill playing the guitar. When McClymont is singing with the guitar a girl with black hair and pigtails, played by McClymont, walks in a crowded hall and people crash into her. The girl looks at her phone and into the distance. During the first chorus McClymont is playing the guitar with her band. At the second verse the girl crashes into a man with a red shirt on and brown hair, who then follows her. When the second chorus begins McClymont plays the guitar, and the girl sits down on a chair in a train station. The train turns up and the man gets on. When the doors start closing the girl throws the man her phone and then makes hand movements saying "I'll call you". The video was played a few times on the Australian music shows Video Hits and rage.

Hilary Duff version

"I Can't Wait"
Single by Hilary Duff
from the album Lizzie McGuire
Released August 12, 2002
Recorded 2002
Genre Pop rock
Length 3:12
Label Walt Disney
  • Brooke McClymont
  • Christopher Ward
  • Matthew Gerrard
Producer(s) Matthew Gerrard
Hilary Duff singles chronology
"I Can't Wait"
"Why Not"

Hilary Duff recorded a cover version of "I Can't Wait" in 2002 for the soundtrack to the Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire, in which she starred. It was released to mainstream pop radio stations on August 12, 2002.

Chart performance

The single received extremely little mainstream radio play, but it had reached number one on Radio Disney in the United States by November 2002, with one station playing the song 850 times over a six-week period. The Los Angeles Times reported that music industry critics attributed the success of the single to Buena Vista Records's status as a sister company to Radio Disney, which had an affiliation with Disney Channel. This was believed to be in violation of the Federal Communications Commission's broadcasting rules, which prohibit corporations from using broadcast licenses "for their own benefit or to gain a competitive advantage in any transaction." Media expert Robert McChesney, from the University of Illinois, said it "clearly violates the spirit – if not the letter – of the law. It undermines the integrity of the public airwaves, corroding editorial space with commercial factors. It's very damaging."

The Radio Disney head of programming, Robin Jones, said "I Can't Wait" had gone to number one because of requests from listeners and that the radio chain does not deliberately favor acts associated with Disney. Duff herself called the Los Angeles Times article "really mean ... It's funny that you pick on a kid my age because I'm on the Disney Channel, sorry!"

Music video

Its music video features clips from the show alongside shots of Duff dancing, holding a guitar and singing with soap bubbles and confetti floating around her, and she also performs the song in a mock studio setting. A remix of the song is featured on the "Why Not" (2003) CD single. A music video was also released for the remix.

Chieko Kawabe version

In 2005, the song was rewritten in Japanese and performed by Chieko Kawabe on her album Brilliance. It was for the Japanese version of Lizzie McGuire.

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