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I Zw 36
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I Zw 36, by Hubble Telescope
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension 12h 26m 16.02s
Declination ±48° 29′ 36.6″
Redshift 0.000941
Notable features Blue compact galaxy also known as Markarian 209, with not so many stars
Other designations
Markarian 209, PG 1223+488, UGCA 281, LEDA 40665, TC 211, Haro 29, Im 98
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I Zwicky 36 (often abbreviated like I Zw 36) is a galaxy blue compact dwarf. The stars that more abound in I Zwicky 36 are of which can consider young, in stellar terms, with ages underneath of the three millions.

Recent observations

The I Zw 36 (≈Z⊙/14) was studied by means of the space telescope Hubble obtaining images in the wavelength of the rays GO near. Previous images in the length UV near of the spectrum obtained by means of the pre-COST Faint Object Camera —FOC by his acronyms (in English)—. colectaron Data of the Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer —NICMOS, by his acronyms (in English)—. Whereas with the FOC evidenciaron hot and massive stars, the data of the NICMOS provide a census of the cold stars, of intermediate and low masses. There are indications that there was activity of stellar training before the events that drove to his clasificacioón like galaxy compact blue dwarf/Wolf-Rayet. The detection of luminous and asymptotic branches of stars, precise that these have formed several million years backwards. The branches of giant red indicate stars of at least 1-2 Gigaaños.

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