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Jayavarman VII
Bust (sculpture) of Jayavarman VII, Guimet Museum
Reign 1181–1218
Coronation 1182
Full name Jayavarthon
Born c. 1122
Birthplace Angkor, Khmer Empire
Died 1218 (aged 95–96)
Place of death Yaśodharapura, Khmer Empire
Predecessor Tribhuvanadityavarman (prior to the Cham Invasion)
Successor Indravarman II
Consort Jayarajadevi, Indradevi
Children Sikhara Mahadevi
Queen Consorts of Pho Khun Pha Mueang
Father Dharanindravarman II
Mother Sri Jayarajacudamani
Religious beliefs Mahayana Buddhism

Jayavarman VII, posthumous name of Mahaparamasaugata (Khmer: ជ័យវរ្ម័នទី៧, c. 1122–1218), was king of the Khmer Empire. He was the son of King Dharanindravarman II (r. 1150–1160) and Queen Sri Jayarajacudamani. He married Princess Jayarajadevi and then, after her death, married her sister Indradevi. The two women are commonly thought to have been a great inspiration to him, particularly in his unusual devotion to Buddhism, as only one prior Khmer king was a Buddhist. He then built the Bayon as a monument to Buddhism. Jayavarman VII is generally considered the most powerful of the Khmer monarchs by historians.

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