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Coordinates: 34°57′0.3″S 117°58′41″E / 34.950083°S 117.97806°E / -34.950083; 117.97806

Kalgan River
Country Australia
Physical characteristics
River mouth Oyster Harbour
Length 140 kilometres (87 mi)

The Kalgan River is in Western Australia near Albany. It is one of the oldest rivers in the world and has seen dinosaurs on its banks. It is about 140 km (87 mi) in length.


The river was named the 'Riviere des Francais' by the French Scientific Expedition in 1803 led by Nicolas Baudin. Early settlers called it the 'French River'. The explorer Dr Alexander Collie wrote down the name of the river as 'Kal-gan-up' in April 1831. The name Kalganup is thought to be the Noongar word for 'place of many waters'. Kalganup is also thought to mean 'place of fishes' and there are still the remains of Aboriginal fish traps to prove the point.

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