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Thomas Hawley Clarenceux King of Arms
Thomas Hawley, Clarenceux King of Arms

A King of arms is a government officer in countries like England, Scotland, and Wales. He grants coats of arms to other people. King of Arms is the highest rank of officer of arms. Some countries do not have a King of Arms, but have another person that grants coats of arms. A King of Arms is also usually in charge of special ceremonies for a country.

Heraldic jobs

Crown of a British King of Arms
Crown of a British King of Arms
  • In England, Wales and Northern Ireland two of the three Kings of Arms gives coats of arms to people after the Earl Marshal approves.
  • In Scotland the Lord Lyon gives coats of arms without needing any other permission.
  • In the Republic of Ireland the coats of arms are given by chief herald.
  • Canada also has a chief herald, who is in charge of the Canadian Heraldic Authority
  • In South Africa the State Herald is in charge of the Bureau of Heraldry
  • In the Kingdom of Spain, a Cronista de Armas (Chronicler of Arms) has the power to give people coats of arms.

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