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Incarnation of Vishnu as a Turtle
Affiliation Avatar of Vishnu

Kurma (turtle) is the second Avatar of Vishnu. Like other avatars of Vishnu, Kurma appears at a time of crisis to restore the cosmic balance. His iconography is either a tortoise, or more commonly as half man–half tortoise. These are found in many Vaishnava temple ceilings or wall reliefs.

As a kurma, Vishnu is the symbol of strength and stability.

There are four temples dedicated to this incarnation of Vishnu in India: Kurmai, Sri Kurmam, Gavirangapur and Swarupnarayan.

The name of the village Kurmai originated as there is historical temple of Kurma Varadarajaswamy (Kurmavatar of Lord Vishnu), god in this village. The temple located in Srikurmam.

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