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The Nissan Serena is a series of minivans built by Nissan Motor Company. The assembly for the Nissan Serena is in Oppama, Japan. They are sold in Japan, North America, and Europe. The first Serena arrived in 1991. It was followed by its second generation in 1999, third generation in 2005, and fourth generation in 2010. The fifth generation has been on sale since 2016.

MkI C23 series (1991–2002)

The first-generation Serena was launched in 1991.

Nissan Vanette

The Nissan Vanette was a series of small vans built in Spain by Nissan Motors alongside the European Serena models. The van was produced in two versions, the Vanette E and the Vanette Cargo. Both were shells of the Serena.

In June 1998, LDV Limited sold a rebranded version of the Vanette Cargo called the LDV Cub. It was sold in Britain. The model was discontinued in 2001. It was replaced by a version of the Renault Trafic, called the Nissan Primastar.

MkII C24 (1999–2012)

The second-generation Serena was launched in Japan in July 1999.

MkIII C25 (2005–2011)

The third-generation Serena was launched in Japan in May 2005. This model was only sold in Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.

MkIV C26 (2010–2016)

The fourth-generation Serena was launched in Japan in November 2010. This model was only sold in Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia.

MkV C27 (2016–present)

The fifth-generation Serena was launched in July 2016.

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