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Laelaps manguinhosi
Scientific classification
  • Laelaps oryzomydis Pratt and Lane, 1953

Laelaps manguinhosi is a species of parasitic mite in the family Laelapidae. In the United States, it has been found on the marsh rice rat (Oryzomys palustris) in Florida, Texas, and South Carolina. Other recorded hosts include the sigmodontine rodents Scapteromys aquaticus, Akodon azarae, Oligoryzomys flavescens, and Holochilus brasiliensis in Argentina and Oryzomys couesi and Handleyomys melanotis in Mexico. In Venezuela, it mainly infects the oryzomyines Holochilus sciureus and Nectomys, but it has also been recorded on a variety of other mammals and even on a bird. A separate subspecies, Laelaps manguinhosi calvescens, has been described from the ichthyomyine rodent Neusticomys venezuelae.

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