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The Lamine River ( -meen) is a 63.8-mile-long (102.7 km) tributary of the Missouri River in central Missouri in the United States. It is formed in northern Morgan County, about 4 miles (6 km) southeast of Otterville by the confluence of Flat and Richland creeks, and flows generally northwardly through Cooper and Pettis counties. In northwestern Cooper County the Lamine collects the Blackwater River and flows into the Missouri River northeast of Lamine and 6 miles (10 km) west of Boonville. At Clifton City, MO, the river has a mean annual discharge of 455 cubic feet per second. Below the mouth of the Blackwater River, its discharge averages 1,279 cubic feet per second (see Blackwater River.)

The river was named by French explorers for mining operations in the area. According to the Geographic Names Information System, the river has also been known as "La Mine River" and as "Riviere a la Mine."


Confluence with the Missouri River, Cooper County, Missouri: 38°58′47″N 92°51′05″W / 38.97975°N 92.85130°W / 38.97975; -92.85130 (Lamine River mouth)
Confluence of Flat Creek and Richland Creek, Morgan County, Missouri: 38°40′07″N 92°57′11″W / 38.66863°N 92.95298°W / 38.66863; -92.95298 (Lamine River source)
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