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Large-Leaved Avens
Geum macrophyllum 10101.JPG
Scientific classification
  • G. m. var. macrophyllum
  • G. m. var. perincisum
Geum macrophyllum large-leaved avens in fruit
Geum macrophyllum in fruit

Geum macrophyllum, commonly known as largeleaf avens or large-leaved avens is a flowering plant found from the Arctic south to the northern U.S. states, and in the Rocky Mountains and west to the Sierra Nevada in California and as far south as Northwestern Mexico.

It is even more distinctive in fruit than in flower, with spiky spheres of reddish styles. The fruits are a ball of tiny velcro like hooks that catch on clothing and animal hair.


Bigleaf Avens growing by the path to Miller Bay, Kaien Island
Flowers and Fruit of a Bigleaf Avens

The Squamish made a diuretic tea out of the leaves. The Haida made a steam bath with boiled roots to treat rheumatic pain. Some tribes used the plant in eyewashes, to treat stomach ailments, and to aid childbirth.

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