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Map of Michigan highlighting Ingham County
Location of Ingham County in Michigan

The following is a list of Michigan State Historic Sites in Ingham County, Michigan. Sites marked with a dagger (†) are also listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Ingham County, Michigan. Those with a double dagger (‡) are also designated National Historic Landmarks.


Current listings

Name Image Location City Listing date
Andrews Hotel Andrews Hotel Williamston.jpg 100-108 West Grand River Avenue Williamston June 6, 1977
Charles Bachman House Charles Bachman House East Lansing.jpg 929 Roxburgh Avenue East Lansing April 28, 1987
Bank of Lansing Bank of Lansing.jpg 101-103 North Washington Avenue Lansing July 26, 1978
Barrett Building Barrett Building Williamston.jpg 111 West Grand River Avenue Williamston July 26, 1978
Bates and Edmonds Engine Company R E Olds Transportation Museum Lansing.jpg 240 Museum Drive Lansing June 15, 1984
Beal Botanical Garden W. J. Beal Botanical Garden - IMG 8944.JPG Campus of Michigan State University East Lansing May 17, 1973
Louis Beck House Louis Beck House Lansing.jpg 515 N Capitol Avenue Lansing November 15, 1990
George Beeman House George Beeman House Williamston.jpg 3150 South Williamston Road Williamston February 23, 1981
Bigelow-Kuhn House Bigelow-Kuhn-Thomas House East Lansing.jpg 334 North Hagadorn Road East Lansing August 24, 1978
Birthplace of Oldsmobile Division Commemorative Designation 920 Townsend Street Lansing May 15, 1987
Brown-Price House Brown-Price House Lansing.JPG 1003 North Washington Avenue Lansing September 21, 1983
Central Methodist Episcopal Church Central Methodist Church.jpg 215 North Capitol Avenue Lansing March 19, 1980
Central School† Central School East Lansing MI.JPG 325 West Grand River Avenue East Lansing December 19, 1984
Chief Okemos / Okemos Village Okemos Michigan downtown 2.jpg Southeast corner of Okemos Road and Hamilton Road Okemos 2004
Church of the Resurrection and School Church of the Resurrection Lansing.jpg 1529 East Michigan Avenue Lansing March 16, 1989
College Hall Informational Site MSU College Hall map.png Campus of Michigan State University, W Circle Dr, across from the Main Library East Lansing March 25, 1955
Collins Memorial A.M.E. Church Trinity AME Church Lansing.jpg 3500 West Holmes Road Lansing January 13, 1982
Frank E. Cooley House 213 West Main Street Lansing March 19, 1980
Benjamin F. Davis House (Demolished; NR delisted, 1972) 528 South Washington Avenue Lansing August 13, 1971
East Lansing Commemorative Designation Eastlansing.jpg 410 Abbott Road, City Hall East Lansing July 15, 1993
Ethel Apartments Ethel Apartments Lansing.jpg 117 South Hosmer Street Lansing January 16, 1990
Roswell Everett House Roswell Everett House Lansing.jpg 131 West Miller Road Lansing August 29, 1996
Edward Ferris House Edward Ferris House Onondaga.jpg 3044 South Onondaga Road Onondaga December 17, 1987
First Baptist Church of Leslie First Baptist Church Leslie.jpg 204 East Bellevue Street Leslie May 18, 1989
First Capitol in Lansing Informational Site First Capitol sign Lansing.jpg South Washington Square, on boulevard between Allegan and Washtenaw Lansing March 19, 1987
First Presbyterian Church Commemorative Designation First Presbyterian Church Lansing.jpg 510 West Ottawa Street Lansing October 23, 1987
Charles Fitch House Charles Fitch House Mason.jpg 103 North Jefferson Street Mason June 10, 1980
Franklin Avenue Presbyterian Church† North Presbyterian Church Lansing south view.JPG 108 West Grand River Avenue Lansing December 5, 1986
Grand River Informational Site Grand River sign Lansing.jpg East bank of the Grand River in Riverfront Park, between Shiawassee and Saginaw streets Lansing July 19, 1990
Grand River Trail Informational Designation Grand River Trail sign Williamston.jpg Roadside Park on Grand River Avenue (M-43) at the Red Cedar River, approximately four miles west of Williamston Williamston July 19, 1956
Grand Trunk Western Rail Station, Lansing Depot Grand Trunk Depot Lansing.jpg 1203 South Washington Avenue Lansing April 11, 1977
Bert F. Hammond House Bert Hammond House Williamston.jpg 1720 Noble Road Williamston December 15, 1988
Haslett Commemorative Designation Haslett sign.jpg 1427 Haslett Road Haslett October 1, 1971
John T. Herrmann House John Herrmann House Lansing.jpg 520 North Capitol Avenue Lansing July 23, 1987
Horticultural Laboratory Building MSU Eustace-Cole Hall.jpg West Circle Drive, across from the site of the former Morrill Hall, Campus of Michigan State University East Lansing March 3, 1971
Kerns Hotel Informational Designation Kerns Hotel.jpg East side of Grand Avenue between Michigan Avenue and Ottawa Street Lansing October 23, 1987
Morgan B. Hungerford House Morgan Hungerford House Lansing.jpg 602 West Ionia Street Lansing August 24, 1984
Ingham County Courthouse Ingham County Courthouse Mason.jpg 315 South Jefferson Street Mason May 18, 1971
Intersection of Base Line with the Principal Meridian Informational Designation Meridian-Baseline State Park, Ingham and Jackson County Leslie Township November 27, 1956
Lansing (Town of Michigan) Informational Site Lansing City Hall.JPG City Hall, 124 W Michigan Avenue, NE corner of Michigan and Capitol avenues Lansing March 21, 1991
Lansing Community College Commemorative Designation Lansing Community College sign.jpg 610 North Capitol Avenue Lansing August 21, 1987
Lansing Fire Station No. 8 Lansing Fire Station No 8.jpg 2300 Michigan Avenue Lansing January 8, 1981
Lansing City Market Lansing City Market 2.jpg 325 City Market Drive Lansing May 19, 1988
Lansing No. 7 Fire House Firehouse No 7 Lansing.jpg 629 North Jenison Avenue Lansing March 19, 1980
LeRoy Township District No. 6 School LeRoy Township District No. 6 School.jpg 202 North Main Street Webberville November 18, 1993
Library Museum - Michigan State University (Linton Hall) Linton Hall MSU.jpg West Circle Drive - Campus of Michigan State University East Lansing September 10, 1979
Malcolm X Homesite (Vincent Court Apartments) Informational Site Malcolm X sign Lansing.jpg 4705 South Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard Lansing February 21, 1975
Masonic Temple† Masonic Temple Building Cooley Law School.jpg 217 South Capitol Avenue Lansing May 15, 1987
Masonic Temple Building† Masonic Temple East Lansing MI.JPG 314 M.A.C. Avenue East Lansing January 18, 2001
Michigan Association of Counties Informational Designation Michigan Association of Counties sign Lansing.jpg 935 North Washington Avenue Lansing January 17, 1991
Michigan Automobile Dealers Association Informational Designation Michigan Automobile Dealers Association East Lansing.jpg 1500 Kendale Boulevard East Lansing September 16, 1986
Michigan Education Association Building Michigan Association of Counties Building Lansing.jpg 935 North Washington Avenue Lansing October 27, 1983
Michigan Licensed Beverage Association Informational Designation Michigan Licensed Beverage Association Lansing.jpg 920 North Fairview Avenue Lansing July 20, 1989
Michigan Manufacturers Association Informational Designation Michigan Manufacturers Association Building Lansing.jpg 620 South Capitol Avenue Lansing September 26, 1987
Michigan Millers Mutual Fire Insurance Company Informational Designation Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance Building Lansing.jpg 2425 East Grand River Avenue Lansing June 30, 1988
Michigan Pharmacists Association Informational Designation Michigan Pharmacists Association sign Lansing.jpg 408 Kalamazoo Plaza Lansing September 24, 1984
Michigan Retail Hardware Association Informational Designation Michigan Retail Hardware Association building Lansing.jpg 4414 South Pennsylvania Avenue Lansing February 21, 1991
Michigan School for the Blind Complex Michigan School for the Blind administration building Lansing.jpg 715 West Willow Street Lansing April 10, 1986
Michigan Sheriffs' Association Informational Designation Michigan Sheriffs Association sign Lansing.jpg 620 South Capitol Avenue Lansing November 15, 1990
Michigan Society of Optometrists Informational Designation Michigan Optometric Association building Lansing.jpg 530 West Ionia Street Lansing April 28, 1987
Michigan Society of Professional Engineers Informational Designation Michigan Society of Professional Engineers Building Lansing.jpg 215 North Walnut Street Lansing January 22, 1987
Michigan State Capitol Michigan state capitol.jpg Capitol Avenue at Michigan Avenue Lansing February 18, 1956
Michigan State Dental Association Informational Designation Michigan Dental Association building Okemos.jpg 3657 Okemos Road Okemos March 16, 1989
Michigan State Medical Society Headquarters Building Michigan State Medical Society - Yamasaki Building.jpg 120 Saginaw East Lansing December 9, 1994
Michigan State Police Headquarters Complex (Demolished) State Police administration building, East Lansing (67501).jpg 714 Harrison Road East Lansing February 17, 1994
Michigan State University Laboratory Row Laboratory Row MSU.jpg East and West Circle Drives, Campus of Michigan State University East Lansing September 12, 1979
Michigan's First Rural Electric Line Informational Designation Dansville vicinity August 23, 1956
Darius B. Moon House† Darius B Moon House Lansing.jpg 216 Huron Street Lansing August 6, 1976
North Lansing Historic Commercial District Dickens Village 2008 019 (Small).jpg 100 to 300 blocks of Grand River & 1200 block of Turner Street Lansing June 18, 1976
Okemos Methodist Church Commemorative Designation Okemos Methodist Church sign.jpg 4734 Okemos Road Okemos July 15, 1993
Olds Mansion (Demolished) Olds Mansion Exterior, East Front.png 720 South Washington Avenue Lansing June 2, 1966
Orchard Street Pump House Orchard Street Pump House East Lansing.jpg 368 Orchard Street East Lansing October 21, 1975
George E. Palmer/Old Newsboys Commemorative Designation Old Newsboys sign Lansing.jpg Northeast corner of West Michigan Avenue and North Grand Avenue Lansing February 17, 1994
Penfil Apartments Penfil Apartments Lansing.jpg 108-110 South Hosmer Street Lansing January 16, 1990
Phoenix Mill Phoenix Mill Mason.jpg 200 State Street Mason August 3, 1979
Pink School House Pink School House Mason.jpg 707 West Ash Street Mason August 24, 1978
Pioneer Cemetery Pioneer Cemetery Holt.jpg 2332 Aurelius Road Holt November 16, 1995
Plymouth Congregational Church Informational Designation Plymouth Congregational Church Lansing.jpg 2001 East Grand River Avenue East Lansing March 16, 1989
President's House / No. 4 Faculty Row MSU Alice B Cowles House.jpg 1 Abbott Rd, south side of West Circle Drive, Campus of Michigan State University East Lansing September 25, 1985
Alonzo Proctor Toll House Alonzo Proctor Toll House Okemos.jpg 564 North Hagadorn (now located in the Meridian Historical Village) Okemos March 14, 1973
John Rayner House† John Raynor House Mason.jpg 725 East Ash Street Mason June 15, 1979
Reeve's Mill M-36 East of Brogan Road Stockbridge Township February 18, 1982
REO Motor Car Company Commemorative Designation 2100 Washington Street Lansing February 29, 1996
Herbert M. Rogers House Rogers-Carrier House Lansing 3.jpg 528 North Capitol Avenue Lansing January 20, 1984
Sts. Cornelius and Cyprian Church Sts Cornelius and Cyprian Church Leslie.jpg 1320 Catholic Church Road Leslie 2014
St. Katherine's Chapel† St. Katherine's Episcopal Chapel, 4650 Meridian Road, Williamston Twp (Ingham County, Michigan).jpg 4650 Meridian Road Williamstown Township February 23, 1969
Saint Mary Parish Commemorative Designation St Mary Catholic Church Williamston.jpg 157 High Street Williamston July 21, 1994
Saint Paul's Episcopal Church St Pauls Episcopal Church Lansing.jpg 218 W Ottawa St Lansing November 16, 1989
Saint Thomas Aquinas Parish Commemorative Designation St Thomas Aquinas Parish East Lansing 2.jpg 955 Alton Road East Lansing February 25, 1988
Dr. James F. Smiley House James Smiley House Okemos.jpg 2142 Hamilton Road Okemos February 19, 1987
Smith-Turner House Smith-Turner House Lansing.JPG 326 West Grand River Avenue Lansing April 15, 1977
State Bar of Michigan Informational Designation Michigan State Bar building Lansing.jpg 306 Townsend Street Lansing April 28, 1987
Stockbridge Town Hall Stockbridge Township Hall.jpg 125 South Clinton Street Stockbridge 1987
Strand Theatre and Arcade Strand Theatre.jpg 211-219 South Washington Avenue Lansing May 24, 2001
Turner House 505 N Washington Square Lansing November 16, 1989
Turner-Dodge House Turner-Dodge House Lansing.JPG 106 East North Street Lansing May 17, 1973
Union Hall Building Union Hall Leslie.jpg 100 South Main Street Leslie November 16, 1981
Veterans of Foreign Wars National Home VFW Home Eaton Rapids.jpg 3573 South Waverly Road Onondaga Township February 15, 1990
Ulysses D. Ward House Ulysses Ward House Lansing.jpg 301 North Butler Boulevard Lansing December 19, 1984
White Oak Township Hall Old White Oak Township Hall.jpg 1002 South Stockbridge Road (M-52) Millville June 6, 1977
Alvin Whitehead-James Seager House Whitehead-Seager House Lansing.jpg 533 South Grand Avenue Lansing July 21, 1988
Williamston Center United Methodist Church Crossroads United Methodist Church Williamston.jpg SW corner of Zimmer and Haslett roads Williamston Center May 20, 1982
Wolverine Boys' State Inc., Wolverine Girls' State - American Legion Auxiliary Informational Designation American Legion Lansing.jpg 212 North Verlinden Avenue Lansing August 23, 1990
Women's Club Association Building Womens Club Association building Lansing.jpg 605 South Washington Avenue Lansing December 18, 1974
Woodberry-Kerns House Woodberry-Kerns House Lansing.jpg 606 Townsend Street Lansing January 18, 1980
Chester D. Woodbury House Chester Woodbury House East Lansing.jpg 415 M.A.C. Avenue East Lansing April 24, 1981
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