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Below is a list of covered bridges in Iowa. There are nine authentic covered bridges in the U.S. state of Iowa, though two halves of one bridge reside in different locations. Six of them are historic. A covered bridge is considered authentic not due to its age, but by its construction. An authentic bridge is constructed using trusses rather than other methods such as stringers, a popular choice for non-authentic covered bridges.



Name Image County Location Built Length Crosses Ownership Truss Notes
Cedar Covered Bridge Cedar Covered Bridge Madison Winterset
41°21′57″N 93°59′27″W / 41.36583°N 93.99083°W / 41.36583; -93.99083 (Cedar Covered Bridge)
1883, rebuilt 2004, rebuilt 2019 Cedar Creek Also called Casper Covered Bridge; first two bridges were destroyed by arson
Cutler–Donahoe Bridge Cutler–Donahoe Bridge Madison Winterset
41°19′52″N 94°0′31″W / 41.33111°N 94.00861°W / 41.33111; -94.00861 (Cutler–Donahoe Bridge)
1871, 1970 79 feet (24 m) Ditch City of Winterset Town
Hammond Bridge Hammond Bridge Marion Hamilton
41°10′39″N 93°0′50″W / 41.17750°N 93.01389°W / 41.17750; -93.01389 (Hammond Bridge)
1894 80 feet (24 m) North Cedar Creek County of Marion Howe
Hogback Covered Bridge Hogback Covered Bridge Madison Winterset
41°23′9″N 94°3′0″W / 41.38583°N 94.05000°W / 41.38583; -94.05000 (Hogback Covered Bridge)
1884 106 feet (32 m) North River County of Madison Town
Holliwell Covered Bridge Holliwell Covered Bridge Madison Winterset
41°19′21″N 93°57′33″W / 41.32250°N 93.95917°W / 41.32250; -93.95917 (Holliwell Covered Bridge)
1880 113 feet (34 m) Middle River County of Madison Town
Imes Covered Bridge Imes Covered Bridge Madison St. Charles
41°17′18″N 93°47′56″W / 41.28833°N 93.79889°W / 41.28833; -93.79889 (Imes Covered Bridge)
1870, 1887, 1977 81 feet (25 m) Brook County of Madison Town Also called King Bridge
Marysville Covered Bridge Marion Knoxville
41°18′59″N 93°7′33″W / 41.31639°N 93.12583°W / 41.31639; -93.12583 (Wilcox Game Preserve Covered Bridge)
1870, moved 1970 41 feet (12 m) Ravine Town Split from Wilcox Game Preserve Bridge in 1970
Owens Covered Bridge Polk Allen
41°32′25″N 93°33′35″W / 41.54028°N 93.55972°W / 41.54028; -93.55972 (Owens Covered Bridge)
1866 100 feet (30 m) Yeader Creek Howe
Roseman Covered Bridge Roseman Covered Bridge Madison Winterset
41°17′31″N 94°9′5″W / 41.29194°N 94.15139°W / 41.29194; -94.15139 (Roseman Covered Bridge)
1883 107 feet (33 m) Middle River County of Madison Town Also called Oak Grove Bridge
Wilcox Game Preserve Covered Bridge Marion Liberty
41°14′9″N 92°57′6″W / 41.23583°N 92.95167°W / 41.23583; -92.95167 (Wilcox Game Preserve Covered Bridge)
1870, moved 1970 40 feet (12 m) Ravine Town Split from Marysville Bridge in 1970
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