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Indiana Dunes National Park is a National Park Service unit on the shore of Lake Michigan in Indiana, United States. A BioBlitz took place there on May 15 and 16, 2009. A first attempt was made to create a list of crustaceans present in the Lakeshore area. Further research is required to document all that may be present.


Cladocera, water fleas 

  1. Alona costata
  2. Bosmina longirostris
  3. Ceriadaphnia reticulata
  4. Daphnia laevis
  5. Macrothrix rosea
  6. Alonella, Family Chydoridae
  7. Ceriodaphnia, Family Daphniidae
  8. Daphnia, Family Daphniidae



  1. Canthocamptus assimilis
  2. Diaptomus leptapus
  3. Eucyclops agilis
  4. Thermocyclops dybowskii
  5. Paracyclops fimbriatus
  6. nauplii


  1. Notodromas monacha 


  1. Isopoda, woodlice and/or pill bug species
    1. Porcellio scaber, woodlouse
  2. Orconectes immunis, crayfish
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