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This is a list of hills in East Sussex. Many of these hills are important historical, archaeological and nature conservation sites, as well as popular hiking and tourist destinations in the county of East Sussex in southeast England.

Colour key

Class Prominence
Marilyns 150 – 599 m
HuMPs 100 – 149 m
TuMPs 30 – 99 m
Unclassified 0 – 29 m

The table is colour-coded based on the classification or "listing" of the hill. The types that occur in East Sussex are Marilyns, HuMPs and TuMPs, listings based on topographical prominence. "Prominence" correlates strongly with the subjective significance of a summit. Peaks with low prominences are either subsidiary tops of a higher summit or relatively insignificant independent summits. Peaks with high prominences tend to be the highest points around and likely to have extraordinary views. A Marilyn is a hill with a prominence of at least 150 metres or about 500 feet. A "HuMP" (the acronym comes from "Hundred Metre Prominence) is a hill with a prominence of at least 100 but less than 150 metres.

In this table Marilyns are in beige and HuMPs in lilac. A "TuMP" as defined here is a hill with a prominence of at least 30 but less than 100 metres. The term "sub-Marilyn" or "sub-HuMP" is used, e.g. in the online Database of British and Irish Hills to indicate hills that fall just below the threshold. To qualify for inclusion, hills must either be 200 metres or higher with a prominence of at least 30 metres, below 200 metres with a prominence of at least 90 metres (the threshold for a sub-HuMP) or be in some other way notable. For further information see the Lists of mountains and hills in the British Isles and the individual articles on Marilyns, HuMPs, and TuMPs. By way of contrast, see also the article listing Tumps (a traditional term meaning a hillock, mound, barrow or tumulus).


Hill Height (m) Prom. (m) Grid ref. Class Parent Range/Region Remarks Image
Ditchling Beacon 248 214 TQ331130 East Sussex county top (historical and current), Marilyn, HuMP, TuMP Leith Hill South Downs East Sussex's county top.

Trig point near summit which is 4 metres to the north.

Ditchling beacon - - 76708.jpg
Crowborough Hill 242 159 TQ510306 Marilyn, HuMP, TuMP Leith Hill High Weald East Sussex's second highest point
Summit on A26.
Crowborough Hill - - 173307.jpg
Black Hill 223 60 TQ474311 (est.) TuMP Crowborough Hill High Weald East Sussex's third highest point.
Firle Beacon 217 196 TQ485059 Marilyn, HuMP, TuMP Leith Hill South Downs Summit is on knoll, 10 metres west of trig point. Firle Beacon - - 961577.jpg
Wilmington Hill 214 192 SU794183 Marilyn, HuMP, TuMP Leith Hill South Downs Summit is 25 metres ENE of trig point. Wilmington Hill Trig Point - - 45422.jpg
Hindleap Hill 203 66 TQ414321 (est.) TuMP Crowborough Hill South Downs
Saxonbury Hill 202 70 TQ577329 (est.) TuMP Black Down, Sussex South Downs Field and forest - - 336799.jpg
Willingdon Hill 201 110 TQ225108 (est.) HuMP, TuMP Wilmington Hill South Downs Summit on tumulus 20 metres north of trig point. Downland, Friston - - 947754.jpg
Newmarket Hill 200 107 TQ362067 (est.) HuMP, TuMP Ditchling Beacon South Downs Telecommunications Tower on Newmarket Hill - - 41295.jpg
North's Seat 175 109 TQ843119 (est.) HuMP, TuMP Crowborough High Weald Trig point Trig at North's Seat - - 882556.jpg
Cliffe Hill 164 150 TQ434107 Marilyn, HuMP, TuMP Butser Hill South Downs Summit is grass bank by golf course green, 10 metres SSE of trig point. Cliffe Hill.jpg
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