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The following is a list of the monastic houses in Buckinghamshire, England.

Alien houses are included, as are smaller establishments such as cells and notable monastic granges (particularly those with resident monks), and also camerae of the military orders of monks (Knights Templars and Knights Hospitaller). Monastic hospitals are included where they had the status or function of an abbey, priory, friary or preceptor/commandery.

Abbreviations and key
Status of remains
Symbol Status
None Ruins
* Current monastic function
+ Current non-monastic ecclesiastic function (including remains incorporated into later structure)
^ Current non-ecclesiastic function (including remains incorporated into later structure) or redundant intact structure
$ Remains limited to earthworks etc.
# No identifiable trace of the monastic foundation remains
~ Exact site of monastic foundation unknown
Identification ambiguous or confused

Locations with names in italics indicate possible duplication (misidentification with another location) or non-existent foundations (either erroneous reference or proposed foundation never implemented) or ecclesiastical establishments with a monastic name but lacking actual monastic connection.

EH English Heritage
LT Landmark Trust
NT National Trust

Foundation Image Communities & Provenance Formal Name or Dedication
& Alternative Names
Online References & Location
Aylesbury Greyfriars # Franciscan Friars Minor, Conventual (under the Custody of Oxford)
founded 1387 by James Butler, Earl of Ormond;
dissolved 1 October 1538

51°48′54″N 0°48′47″W / 51.814956°N 0.813117°W / 51.814956; -0.813117 (Aylesbury Friary)
Aylesbury Monastery # possible nuns order and period unknown
said to have been a nunnery or Trinitarian house — probably only a holding

51°48′35″N 0°48′43″W / 51.809653°N 0.811993°W / 51.809653; -0.811993 (Aylesbury Monastery (poss. loc.)) (possible)
Biddlesden Abbey # Cistercian monks — from Garendon, Leicestershire
founded 10 July 1147 by Ernald de Bosco, seneschal of the Earl of Leicester;
dissolved 29 September 1538; granted to Thomas Wriothesley 1540/1;
remains demolished c.1727;
site now occupied by private house named 'Biddlesden Park'
Saint Mary
Biddlesdon Abbey;
Bittlesden Abbey

52°02′52″N 1°04′43″W / 52.047704°N 1.078473°W / 52.047704; -1.078473 (Biddlesden Abbey)
Bradwell Priory Bradwell abbey chapel 0494.JPG Benedictine monks
cell, dependent on Luffield;
founded before 1136-44 (before/c.1155) by Meinfelin, Lord of Wolverton;
dissolved 1524-5 (or 1526) by Cardinal Wolsey for Christ Church, Oxford; granted to Arthur Longfield 1542/3;
now in private ownership; currently an urban studies centre
Saint Mary
Bradewell Priory

52°02′54″N 0°47′42″W / 52.048215°N 0.795074°W / 52.048215; -0.795074 (Bradwell Priory)
Bulstrode Preceptory $ Knights Templar
founded before 1276;
dissolved 1308–1312;
land passed to and leased on behalf of the Knights Hospitaller, though they had no commandery here;
site identified through earthworks

51°35′06″N 0°35′29″W / 51.5850832°N 0.591352°W / 51.5850832; -0.591352 (Bulstrode Preceptory)
Burnham Abbey |Burnham Abbey.JPG Augustinian canonesses
founded 1265/66 by Richard, King of the Romans;
dissolved 19 September 1539; granted to William Tyldesly 1544/5;
Anglican Augustinian Society of the Precious Blood
transferred from Birmingham 1916; extant
Saint Mary

51°30′56″N 0°39′37″W / 51.515523°N 0.66036°W / 51.515523; -0.66036 (Burnham Abbey)
Chetwode Priory + ChurchAndPrioryChetwode(AndrewSmith)Mar2006.jpg Augustinian Canons Regular
founded 1244 or 1245 by Ralph de Norwich;
dissolved, being reduced to the status of a cell, annexed to Notley 1460–1;
dissolved 1535;
priory church became parochial c.1480 as the Parish Church of St Mary and St Nicholas
Saint Mary and Saint Nicholas
Chetwode Cell

51°57′47″N 1°04′10″W / 51.963091°N 1.069469°W / 51.963091; -1.069469 (Chetwode Priory)
Crawley Monastery founded before 1042; (ref. as monasterium 1086) St Firmin
North Crawley Monastery

52°05′12″N 0°39′31″W / 52.0867287°N 0.6586808°W / 52.0867287; -0.6586808 (Crawley Monastery (site))
Gare Nunnery Benedictine nuns
founded 1163 in Stoke Goldington by Robert de Salcey, Peter de Goldington and Richard de Besseville;
granted to Delapré, Northamptonshire, late 12th/early 13th centuries;
apparently reduced to status of a grange by 1438;
subsequently recorded as destroyed
Gore Nunnery;
Gorefields Nunnery
Prioratus Gore, Sanctae Mariae Magdalenae, Moniales Nigrae
Hogshaw Nunnery # St John of Jerusalem nuns
foundation unknown
transferred to Sisters of St John Priory, Buckland, Somerset c.1180;
site occupied by Knights Hospitaller commandery (see immediately below)

51°53′45″N 0°55′44″W / 51.8958077°N 0.9287632°W / 51.8958077; -0.9287632 (Hogshaw Nunnery)
Hogshaw Commandery # Knights Hospitaller
founded c.1180 on site of earlier nunnery (see immediately above), granted by William Peverel;
dissolved 1470 becoming prior's possession; granted to Matilda Lane c.1543;
church in use until 1650; ruined by 1700

51°53′45″N 0°55′44″W / 51.8958077°N 0.9287632°W / 51.8958077; -0.9287632 (Hogshaw Commandery)
Lavendon Abbey $ Premonstratensian Canons
founded c.1154/5-1158 by John de Bidun, sheriff of Buckinghamshire;
dissolved 1536; granted to Sir Edmund Peckham 1543;
site now occupied by house named 'Lavendon Grange' (once the home of relatives of Sir Isaac Newton)
The Abbey Church of Saint John the Baptist, Lavendon
Lavinden Abbey

52°10′21″N 0°40′51″W / 52.1726355°N 0.6807178°W / 52.1726355; -0.6807178 (Lavendon Abbey)
Little Marlow Priory Benedictine nuns
founded c.1195 or before 1218 (or 1244 by Jeffrey, Lord Spensar);
dissolved in, or before 1536; granted to John Tiltey and E. Restwold 1540
Saint Mary
Little Merlow Priory;
Minchin Marlow Priory

51°34′53″N 0°43′05″W / 51.5814299°N 0.7180971°W / 51.5814299; -0.7180971 (Little Marlow Priory)
Luffield Priory Benedictine monks
founded after 1118 (c.1123 or 1124, or 1133) by Robert II le Bossu, Earl of Leicester;
suppression authorised by the Pope 1494;
dissolution stayed until 1504, after the death of the serving prior
The Blessed Virgin Mary

52°04′16″N 1°01′34″W / 52.071°N 1.026°W / 52.071; -1.026 (Luffield Abbey)
Medmenham Abbey Cistercian monks — from Woburn, Bedfordshire
founded 1201/4, or in 1202 by Hugh de Bolbec;
house built 1213;
dissolved before 8 July 1536 (delayed from 1524); granted to Robert Mone and others 1547;
converted into a manor house
The Abbey Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Medmenham
Mendham Abbey

51°32′52″N 0°50′17″W / 51.547696°N 0.838104°W / 51.547696; -0.838104 (Medmenham Abbey)
Missenden Abbey ^ Missenden Abbey - - 112141.jpg Augustinian/Arroasian Canons
alien house: daughter house of St Mary de Bosco, or de Nemore, Ruisseauville, France;
founded 1133 by William de Missenden;
the house acknowledged royal supremacy 1536;
dissolved 1538; granted to the Duke of Northumberland;
now a residential college rarely open to general public
The Abbey Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Great Missenden
Great Missenden Abbey

51°42′02″N 0°42′10″W / 51.700571°N 0.702674°W / 51.700571; -0.702674 (Missenden Abbey)
Newton Longville Priory Cluniac monks
alien house: daughter house of Longville Ste Foi Abbey
founded c.1150 or before 1102 by Walter Giffard, Earl of Buckingham;
dissolved 1414;
granted to New College, Oxford 1441;
Manor House purportedly built on site 1550; St Faith's Church incorporates 12th-century church remains, possibly originally part of the priory church and may have been the conventual church of the priory
St Faith
Newington-Longaville Priory;
Newton-Longville Cell

51°58′28″N 0°46′03″W / 51.9743464°N 0.7675999°W / 51.9743464; -0.7675999 (Newton Longville Priory)
Notley Abbey ^ Augustinian Canons Regular
founded before 1162 by Walter Giffard, Earl of Buckingham, and Lady Ermgard;
dissolved 9 December 1538; granted to Sir William Paget 1547;
site now occupied by a private house without public access
The Abbey Church of the Blessed Virgin and Saint John the Baptist, Notley
abbey de parco Crendon;
Crendon Parc Abbey
abbey de parco super Thamam;
Nuctele Abbey;
Noctele Abbey;
Nuttley Abbey;
Nutley Abbey

51°46′37″N 0°57′51″W / 51.7770148°N 0.9642112°W / 51.7770148; -0.9642112 (Notley Abbey)
Ravenstone Priory Augustinian Canons Regular
founded 1255 by Peter de Chaseport (Chaceport), Keeper of the Royal Wardrobe;
dissolved 1525 (or 1544); granted to Sir Francis Byran 1548;
site now occupied by 19th century 'Abbey Farm'
The Priory Church of St Mary
Ravinston Priory

52°09′01″N 0°45′32″W / 52.1501893°N 0.7590249°W / 52.1501893; -0.7590249 (Ravenstone Priory)
Risborough Priory (?) Benedictine monks — doubtful establishment; reputedly pre-Conquest cell of Canterbury Cathedral Monks Risborough Priory

51°43′57″N 0°49′30″W / 51.7323924°N 0.8249214°W / 51.7323924; -0.8249214 (Risborough Priory)
Snelshall Priory $ Snelshall Priory (site) - - 216962.jpg Premonstratensian Canons
cell, dependent on Lavendon;
founded before 1166, granted to Lavendon by Sybil de Aungervill (Dangerville);
abandoned after 1203-4
Benedictine monks
founded 1203/4-1219 by Ralph Mortel (grandson of Sybil de Aungervill);
dissolved 1535; granted to Francis Piggot 1538;
site currently comprises earthworks
St Leonard
Snellshall Priory

52°00′10″N 0°48′46″W / 52.0027665°N 0.8127737°W / 52.0027665; -0.8127737 (Snelshall Priory)
Tickford Priory Benedictine-Cluniac monks
alien house: cell of Marmoutier
founded 1140 or c.1100 by Fulk Paynell;
dissolved 1524; sold to Henry Atkins, MD by James I
Blessed Virgin Mary
Newport Pagnel Priory;
Tyxford Priory

52°05′10″N 0°42′54″W / 52.0861617°N 0.7148677°W / 52.0861617; -0.7148677 (Tickford Priory)
Widmere Commandery Knights Hospitaller
founded before 1248;
dissolved before 1338
Widmere Camera;
Widmere Preceptory

51°35′43″N 0°48′03″W / 51.595315°N 0.8007789°W / 51.595315; -0.8007789 (Widmere Commandery)
Wing Priory # Saxon monastery 7th century
Benedictine monks
alien house: cell, dependent on St Nicholas, Angers
founded before 1086;
granted by Empress Matilda to Angers;
land and later, chapel, granted to Angers by Bodin de Ver;
in ownership of the Crown 1342-1361 and 1393–1423;
dissolved 1416; granted to St Mary de Pré, Hertfordshire by St Albans, Hertfordshire;
granted to Sir Robert Dormer by King Henry VIII
Wenge Priory

51°53′21″N 0°43′14″W / 51.889107°N 0.7204628°W / 51.889107; -0.7204628 (Wing Priory)

The following location in Buckinghamshire lacks known monastic connection:

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