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The following is a list of the monastic houses in East Sussex, England.

Alien houses are included, as are smaller establishments such as cells and notable monastic granges (particularly those with resident monks), and also camerae of the military orders of monks (Knights Templars and Knights Hospitaller). Monastic hospitals are included where they had the status or function of an abbey, priory, friary or preceptor/commandery.

Abbreviations and key
Status of remains
Symbol Status
None Ruins
* Current monastic function
+ Current non-monastic ecclesiastic function (including remains incorporated into later structure)
^ Current non-ecclesiastic function (including remains incorporated into later structure) or redundant intact structure
$ Remains limited to earthworks etc.
# No identifiable trace of the monastic foundation remains
~ Exact site of monastic foundation unknown
Identification ambiguous or confused

Locations with names in italics indicate possible duplication (misidentification with another location) or non-existent foundations (either erroneous reference or proposed foundation never implemented) or ecclesiastical establishments with a monastic name but lacking actual monastic connection.

EH English Heritage
LT Landmark Trust
NT National Trust

Foundation Image Communities & Provenance Formal Name or Dedication
& Alternative Names
OnLine References & Location
Battle Abbey Battle Abbey - Klostergebäude.JPG Benedictine monks
founded 1067 by William the Conqueror;
dissolved 27 May 1538; granted to Sir Antony Brown 1538/9; (EH)
The Abbey Church of the Holy Trinity, Saint Mary and Saint Martin
St Martin's Abbey;
Battel Abbey

50°54′52″N 0°29′15″E / 50.9145167°N 0.4874861°E / 50.9145167; 0.4874861 (Battle Abbey)
Bayham Abbey BayhamOldAbbeyC.jpg Premonstratensian Canons — from Brockley, Kent (Greater London) between 1199 and 1208, and from Otham between 1208 and 1211
daughter house of Prémontré
founded c.1207 (1200) by Robert of Thornham (Robert de Turreham); (established on the union of Otham and Brockley Abbeys)
dissolved 1525; (EH)
the Blessed Virgin Mary
Bayham Old Abbey;
Beigham Abbey

51°06′14″N 0°21′19″E / 51.103846°N 0.355232°E / 51.103846; 0.355232 (Bayham Abbey)
Beddingham Monastery Saxon monastery in the reign of Offa (757–96);
possibly destroyed in raids by the Danes 9th century

50°50′41″N 0°02′39″E / 50.8446075°N 0.0440446°E / 50.8446075; 0.0440446 (Beddingham Monastery)
Hailsham Cell Premonstratensian Canons
cell, dependent on Bayham;
founded after 1260;
dissolved 1280–7 (canons expelled, restored and again expelled); restored 1296 in return for annual payment to Michelham

50°51′47″N 0°15′37″E / 50.8631151°N 0.2603111°E / 50.8631151; 0.2603111 (Hailsham Cell)
Hastings Priory Augustinian Canons Regular — (?)Arroasian
founded 1189–99 by Walter Bricet, or more probably by Walter de Scotney;
structure physically moved inland to Warbleton due to encroachment of the sea;
dissolved 1413;
dissolved 1539; granted to John Baker 1537/8;
masonry from the establishment was excavated during the construction of the Ritz Cinema;
ESK Warehouse constructed on site
The Priory Church of the Holy Trinity, Hastings

50°51′22″N 0°34′37″E / 50.8561464°N 0.5768815°E / 50.8561464; 0.5768815 (Hastings Priory)
Hooe Grange Benedictine monks
alien house: grange, dependent on Bec-Hellouin
founded 1106;
dissolved before 1230
Langney Priory Langney Grange 2014.jpg Cluniac monks
grange, dependent on Lewes
founded before 1121;
now a house
’'Langney Grange'’

50°47′47″N 0°18′55″E / 50.7963857°N 0.3151998°E / 50.7963857; 0.3151998 (Langney Priory)
Lewes Greyfriars Franciscan Friars Minor, Conventual (under the Custody of London)
founded before 1241;
dissolved 1538
Lewes Priory LewesPriory1.JPG Cluniac monks
alien house: dependent on Cluny;
founded 1077 (1078–81) by Earl William de Warenna (Warenne) and his wife Gundreda who granted the church of St Pancras;
became denizen: independent from 1351;
dissolved 16 November 1537; granted to Richard Baker and Richard Sackville 1559/60

50°52′05″N 0°00′31″E / 50.8681479°N 0.0084758°E / 50.8681479; 0.0084758 (Lewes Priory)
Michelham Priory ^ Michelham-mh1.JPG Augustinian Canons Regular — (?)Arroasian
founded 1229 by Gilbert de Aquila (L'Aigle);
dissolved 1536; granted to William Earl of Arundel 1541/2;
remains incorporated into a mansion;
now in ownership of Sussex Archaeological Society
The Priory Church of the Holy Trinity, Michelham

50°51′46″N 0°12′51″E / 50.8626495°N 0.2140376°E / 50.8626495; 0.2140376 (Michelham Priory)
Otham Abbey,
Premonstratensian Canons — from Durford(?), Sussex
founded c.1180 (1175, 1180-3(?)), or between 1180 and c.1187 (probably before 1183 if colonized from Durford) by Ralph de Dene;
united with Bayham 1208-11;
transferred to Bayham and retained as grange and chapel from 1250;
dissolved 1526;
now Otteham Court and St Lawrence's Chapel
The Abbey Church of Saint Mary and Saint Laurence

50°49′47″N 0°15′07″E / 50.8296793°N 0.252015°E / 50.8296793; 0.252015 (Otham Abbey)
Ramstede Priory Benedictine nuns
founded 1174–84 by Richard, Archbishop of Canterbury
dissolved before 1204 by Hubert, Archbishop of Canterbury and nuns removed
St Mary Magdalene
Ramestede Priory

50°52′21″N 0°00′42″W / 50.8725929°N 0.0115845°W / 50.8725929; -0.0115845 (Ramstede Priory)
Robertsbridge Abbey Cistercian monks
daughter house of Boxley, Kent
(community founded at Salehurst 29 March 1176);
transferred here c.1250;
dissolved 16 April 1538; granted to Sir William Sidney 1541/2;
site now occupied by a private house without public access
Robert's Bridge Abbey;
Pontrobert Abbey;
Roberts-bridge Abbey

50°59′26″N 0°29′27″E / 50.9905867°N 0.4907906°E / 50.9905867; 0.4907906 (Robertsbridge Abbey)
Rotherfield Priory (?) doubtful establishment
Benedictine monks
founded 790(?);
alien house: dependent on St-Denys;
dubious charter evidencing grant by Bertoald, Duke of the South Saxons;
dissolution unknown

51°02′22″N 0°12′34″E / 51.039468°N 0.209513°E / 51.039468; 0.209513 (Rotherfield Priory (doubtful establishment))
Rye Austin Friars, earlier site Augustinian Friars (under the Limit of Oxford)
founded 1364;
destroyed by French marauders 1377;
transferred into Rye (see immediately below) 1378–9

50°56′48″N 0°44′47″E / 50.946734°N 0.7464695°E / 50.946734; 0.7464695 (Rye Austin Friary, earlier site)
Rye Austin Friars + Augustinian Friars (under the Limit of Oxford)
(community founded at earlier site (see immediately above) 1364);
transferred 1378–9 following destruction of earlier foundation;
dissolved 1538;
the chapel extant, now called 'The Monastery'

50°57′06″N 0°44′04″E / 50.9517832°N 0.7344908°E / 50.9517832; 0.7344908 (Rye Austin Friary)
Rye Friars of the Sack ^ Friars of the Sack
founded c.1263;
dissolved when order abolished before 1307;
subsequently in secular use

50°56′58″N 0°44′01″E / 50.9495206°N 0.7337478°E / 50.9495206; 0.7337478 (Friary of the Sack, Rye)
Rye — Friary of St Anthony | Conventual Franciscan Friars
St Walburga's Church opened 1900;
parish in care of Franciscans 1910; St Anthony of Padua church opened 1930
The Friary Church of Saint Anthony of Padua

50°56′57″N 0°43′58″E / 50.9491624°N 0.7329136°E / 50.9491624; 0.7329136 (St Anthony of Padua Friary, Rye)
Salehurst Abbey Cistercian monks — from Boxley, Kent (Greater London)
daughter house of Boxley;
founded 29 March 1176 by Alfred de St Martino;
transferred to Robertsbridge c.1250
Robertsbridge Abbey (earlier site)

50°59′26″N 0°29′27″E / 50.9906373°N 0.4907182°E / 50.9906373; 0.4907182 (Salehurst Abbey)
South Malling Monastery Benedictine? monks
founded before 686?;
secular collegiate
founded before c.770?;
dissolved 1547
Warbleton Priory ^ Augustinian Canons Regular — (?)Arroasian
(community founded at Hastings 1189–99);
refounded 1413 by Sir John Pelham: transferred from Hastings;
dissolved 1536;
remains incorporated into Priory Farm, in private ownership without public access
The Priory Church of the Holy Trinity, Hastings
Rushlake Priory;
New Priory of Hastings

50°56′21″N 0°20′04″E / 50.9392979°N 0.3343213°E / 50.9392979; 0.3343213 (Warbleton Priory (Rushlake Priory / New Hastings Priory))
Wilmington Priory + Benedictine monks
alien house: dependent on Grestein;
cell founded before 1086 by Robert, Earl of Morteton;
priory founded before/c.1243 by Herluin;
dissolved 1414; granted to Dean and Chapter of Chichester;
granted to Sir Richard Sackville 1565;
site now occupied by parochial church

50°49′02″N 0°11′25″E / 50.817212°N 0.190174°E / 50.817212; 0.190174 (Wilmington Priory)
Winchelsea Black Friars, earlier site Dominican Friars (under the Visitation of London)
founded 1318 on the south cliff;
new site granted by the king 1358 due to threat from sea;
transferred to new site (see immediately below) 1358
Winchelsey Friary

Winchelsea Blackfriars Dominican Friars (under the Visitation of London)
(community founded at earlier site (see immediately above) 1318);
transferred here 1358;
dissolved 1538; granted to William Gifford and Michael Wildbore 1544/5
The Priory Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Winchelsea
Winchelsey Friary

50°55′37″N 0°42′24″E / 50.9268362°N 0.7067379°E / 50.9268362; 0.7067379 (Black Friars, Winchelsea)
50°55′28″N 0°42′24″E / 50.9244862°N 0.7066628°E / 50.9244862; 0.7066628 (Black Friars, Winchelsea (alleged)) (alleged)
Winchelsea Greyfriars, New Town Franciscan Friars (under the Custody of London)
(community founded at Old Town (see immediately below) before 1242 (before 1253));
transferred here 1283-7;
dissolved 1538

50°55′19″N 0°42′37″E / 50.9218689°N 0.7102007°E / 50.9218689; 0.7102007 (Greyfriars, Winchelsea)
Winchelsea Greyfriars, Old Town Franciscan Friars (under the Custody of London)
founded before 1242 (before 1253);
transferred to new site (see immediately above) 1283–7

Withyham Priory Benedictine monks
alien house: grange(?) dependent on Mortain and Marmoutier;
land apparently granted by Robert, Count of Mortain before 1086;
founded 1249;
dissolved 1413; granted to the New College, Hastings (Warbleton);
dissolved 1536;
granted to King's College, Cambridge

51°05′42″N 0°07′35″E / 51.0949789°N 0.1264474°E / 51.0949789; 0.1264474 (Withyham Priory)
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