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The following is a list of the monastic houses in Northamptonshire, England.

Alien houses are included, as are smaller establishments such as cells and notable monastic granges (particularly those with resident monks), and also camerae of the military orders of monks (Knights Templars and Knights Hospitaller). Monastic hospitals are included where they had the status or function of an abbey, priory, friary or preceptor/commandery.

Abbreviations and key
Status of remains
Symbol Status
None Ruins
* Current monastic function
+ Current non-monastic ecclesiastic function (including remains incorporated into later structure)
^ Current non-ecclesiastic function (including remains incorporated into later structure) or redundant intact structure
$ Remains limited to earthworks etc.
# No identifiable trace of the monastic foundation remains
~ Exact site of monastic foundation unknown
Identification ambiguous or confused

Locations with names in italics indicate possible duplication (misidentification with another location) or non-existent foundations (either erroneous reference or proposed foundation never implemented) or ecclesiastical establishments with a monastic name but lacking actual monastic connection.

EH English Heritage
LT Landmark Trust
NT National Trust

Foundation Image Communities & Provenance Formal Name or Dedication
& Alternative Names
OnLine References & Location
Brackley Blackfriars hospital of Ss James and John;
Dominican Friars
(1420) intended conversion of hospital never implemented
Brixworth Abbey + Brixworth Church Northamptonshire.jpg Saxon monastery Benedictine? monks
founded after 675; daughter church of Medehamstede (Peterborough), Mercia (Cambridgeshire);
probably became a minster;
destroyed? 870 in raids by the Danes;
parochial c.960-70; now parochial: All Saints' Church, Brixworth

52°20′02″N 0°54′16″W / 52.3339558°N 0.9043148°W / 52.3339558; -0.9043148 (Brixworth Priory)
Canons Ashby Priory + Canons Ashby Priory Front.jpg Augustinian Canons Regular
founded 1147-51 (during the reign of Stephen) by Stephen de Leye;
dissolved 1536;
became nunnery; granted to Sir Francis Bryan 1537/8;
converted into secular residence;
part of church now in parochial use
The Priory Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Ashby
Canon's Ashby Priory
Ashby Priory

52°09′00″N 1°09′24″W / 52.1500132°N 1.1567965°W / 52.1500132; -1.1567965 (Canons Ashby Priory)
Castor Priory Saxon nuns
founded before 664–5;
destroyed by the Danes c.870 (or, less likely, 1010)
Dormundescastre Priory
Catesby Priory evidently initially Benedictine nuns
founded c.1175 by Robert de Esseby (Ashby); order by papal bull c.1189;
Cistercian nuns
founded c.1175;
Augustinian Canons Regular
founded after 1175 (associated with the Cistercian nunnery);
(given as Gilbertine in the Mappa Mundi);
with regular priests or brethren (from date unknown to after 1316)
dissolved 1536; granted to John Onley 1536/7;
house built on site 16th century; demolished 1863
St Mary and St Edmund
St Mary, St Edmund and St Thomas the Martyr (?)
Katebi Priory;
Katesbey Priory

52°13′49″N 1°14′24″W / 52.2303639°N 1.2400429°W / 52.2303639; -1.2400429 (Catesby Priory)
52°13′53″N 1°14′51″W / 52.2312954°N 1.247364°W / 52.2312954; -1.247364 (Catesby Priory)
Chacombe Priory The Priory, Chacombe - - 202592.jpg Augustinian Canons Regular
founded between 1216 and 1272 (during the reign of Henry II);
dissolved 1536; granted to Michael Fox 1544/5;
house named 'Chacombe Priory' built 17th century on the site
Chalcombe Priory

52°05′28″N 1°17′22″W / 52.0911438°N 1.2894049°W / 52.0911438; -1.2894049 (Chacombe Priory)
Daventry Priory Holy Cross Church, Daventry.jpg Cluniac monks
(founded initially at Preston Capes c.1090);
transferred here 1107–8;
alien house: dependent on La Charite;
allegedly seceded from Cluniac Order c.1231, although apparently reported directly to La Charite 1298, 1390 and 1405;
became denizen: independent from 1405;
dissolved 1525; granted to Christ Church, Oxford;
Holy Cross church attached to the west range of the claustral buildings, demolished and replaced 19th century
St Augustine
Daventre Priory

52°15′31″N 1°09′32″W / 52.2586706°N 1.1590067°W / 52.2586706; -1.1590067 (Daventry Priory)
Deene Priory Benedictine monks
priory cell, dependent on Westminster;
founded before 1066;
dissolved after 1086

52°31′03″N 0°36′05″W / 52.5176131°N 0.6013727°W / 52.5176131; -0.6013727 (Deene Priory)
Delapré Abbey DelapreAbbey.jpg Cluniac nuns
founded c.1145, built by Simon de St Liz (Senlis) II, Earl of Northampton;
dissolved 15 December 1538; granted to John Merabe 1542/3
St Mary
Northampton, Delapre Abbey;
de Pratis

52°13′28″N 0°53′22″W / 52.2245036°N 0.8893695°W / 52.2245036; -0.8893695 (Delapré Abbey)
Dingley Preceptory Knights Hospitallers
founded before 1154;
merged with Battisford 1461;
dissolved 1540; granted to Edward Griffith 1544

52°28′57″N 0°51′57″W / 52.4824323°N 0.8658063°W / 52.4824323; -0.8658063 (Dingley Preceptory)
Everdon Priory # Benedictine monks
alien house: grange dependent on Bernay
founded before c.1100;
considered by some a parcel of Creeting St. Mary;
dependent on Eton College before 1367;
dissolved before c.1399; granted to Eton College 1440;
remains recorded 1720; not locatable by 1970

52°12′42″N 1°07′34″W / 52.2115809°N 1.1262435°W / 52.2115809; -1.1262435 (Everdon Priory)
Fineshade Priory Site of Fineshade Abbey from the Jurrasic Way - - 1724702.jpg Augustinian Canons Regular
founded before 1208 by Richard Engayne (Engain), Lord of Blatherwike;
dissolved 1536; granted to John, Lord Russell 1541/2;
Sir Robert Kirkham converted west range into a country residence, which was demolished along with the remains of the priory 1749;
house subsequently built on site; demolished 1956
St Mary
Castle Hymel Priory

52°34′08″N 0°33′54″W / 52.56883°N 0.56513°W / 52.56883; -0.56513 (Fineshade Priory)
Fotheringhay Nunnery Cluniac nuns
founded c1141(?)
transferred to Delapré c.1145;
secular college founded on site 1411, with associated church c.1460;
dissolved 1548; granted to James Crew
Fodringhey College

52°31′32″N 0°26′23″W / 52.525486°N 0.4397079°W / 52.525486; -0.4397079 (Fotheringhay Nunnery)
Grafton Regis Priory Augustininan Canons Regular
cell or hermitage;
founded 1180–1205;
amalgamated with the Abbey of St James's, Northampton before 1400 (end of 14th century)
St Mary and St Michael
Grafton Regis Hermitage

52°06′52″N 0°54′09″W / 52.11444°N 0.9026344°W / 52.11444; -0.9026344 (Grafton Regis Priory)
Guilsborough Preceptory Knights Hospitaller
founded before 1285;
dissolved before 1338
Kalendar Priory Premonstratensian canons
priory?/cell, dependent on Sulby;
founded after 1155: land granted by William Buttevant;
probably ceased to exist before 1291(?)
St John
Kayland Priory
Kaylend Priory

52°21′55″N 0°59′17″W / 52.365174°N 0.9881204°W / 52.365174; -0.9881204 (Kalendar Priory)
Luffield Priory,
Partly in Buckinghamshire. See entry under List of monastic houses in Buckinghamshire
Northampton Abbey Augustinian Canons Regular
founded c.1145-50 by William Peverel II of Nottingham;
dissolved August 1538; granted to Nicholas Giffard 1545/6;
housing estate now occupies site
The Abbey Church of Saint James, known as Northampton Abbey in St James End, Northampton

52°14′26″N 0°55′30″W / 52.2404941°N 0.924992°W / 52.2404941; -0.924992 (Northampton Abbey (site))
Northampton Austin Friars Augustinian Friars (under the Limit of Oxford)
founded 1275-90 (or possibly not before 1323 by Sir John Longville, of Wolverton);
dissolved 1538; granted to Robert Dighton 1540/1

52°14′04″N 0°53′53″W / 52.2344757°N 0.898068°W / 52.2344757; -0.898068 (Northampton Austin Friars)
Northampton Blackfriars ~ Dominican Friars (under the Visitation of Oxford)
founded before 1233;
dissolved 1538; granted to William Ramesden 1544/5

52°14′12″N 0°54′01″W / 52.2366703°N 0.9001976°W / 52.2366703; -0.9001976 (Northampton Blackfriars (prob. site)) (probable)
Northampton Friars of the Sack Friars of the Sack
founded before 1271;
abandoned (before(?)) 1303

52°14′08″N 0°53′23″W / 52.2354934°N 0.889686°W / 52.2354934; -0.889686 (Northampton Friars of the Sack (prob. site)) (probable)
Northampton Greyfriars, earlier site Franciscan Friars (under the Custody of Oxford)
founded 1226 by Sir Richard Gobion;
transferred to new site (see immediately below) c.1235

Northampton Greyfriars Franciscan Friars (under the Custody of Oxford)
transferred from earlier site (see immediately above) c.1235; built by 1258;
dissolved 1538; granted to Richard Taverner 1544/5

52°14′22″N 0°53′42″W / 52.2393345°N 0.8950049°W / 52.2393345; -0.8950049 (Northampton Greyfriars)
Northampton — St Andrew's Priory Cluniac monks
alien house: dependent on La Charité
founded 1093–1100;
became denizen: independent from 1405;
dissolved 1538;
site built over 19th century
St Andrew

52°14′38″N 0°54′11″W / 52.2438839°N 0.9029523°W / 52.2438839; -0.9029523 (Northampton — St Andrews Priory)
Northampton Whitefriars Camelite Friars
founded before 1265 (1271) by Simon Montford and Thomas Chitwood;
dissolved 1538; granted to William Ramesden 1544/6

52°14′27″N 0°53′41″W / 52.2409326°N 0.8946843°W / 52.2409326; -0.8946843 (Northampton Whitefriars)
Northampton Nunnery Franciscan nuns
founded 1252;
dissolved after 1272
Oxney Priory Historical county location. See entry under List of monastic houses in Cambridgeshire
Peterborough Abbey Historical county location. See entry under List of monastic houses in Cambridgeshire
Pipewell Abbey Cistercian monks
daughter house of Newminster;
founded 13 September 1143 (1141) by William de Boutwylein;
dissolved 5 November 1538; granted to William, Marquess of Northampton 1547/8;
ruinous by 1548; systematically demolished and used as building material;
(not the modern 'Abbey church' to the north)
Pikewell Abbey

52°27′42″N 0°45′56″W / 52.4616512°N 0.7656527°W / 52.4616512; -0.7656527 (Pipewell Abbey)
Preston Capes Priory Cluniac monks
alien house: dependent on La Charité;
founded c.1090 by Hugh de Leicester;
transferred to Daventry 1107–8

52°10′53″N 1°10′04″W / 52.181274°N 1.1678338°W / 52.181274; -1.1678338 (Preston Capes Priory)
Rothwell Priory Augustinian canonesses
founded before 1262, probably by a member of the Clare family, purportedly by Richard de Clare, Earl of Gloucester;
dissolved 1537–8;
former farmhouse known as 'The Nunnery' possibly built on site
The Priory Church of Saint John the Baptist, Rothwell

52°25′28″N 0°48′21″W / 52.4245577°N 0.8058348°W / 52.4245577; -0.8058348 (Rothwell Priory)
Sewardsley Priory Cistercian nuns
founded between 1216 and 1272 (during the reign of Henry II) by Richard de Lestre;
dependent on the Cluniacs at Delapré 1459/60 for maintenance (though no evidence that the community converted to the Cluniac order);
dissolved 1538; granted to Richard Fermer 1550/1
Sewardesley Priory

52°09′03″N 0°57′13″W / 52.1508575°N 0.9534824°W / 52.1508575; -0.9534824 (Sewardsley Priory)
Stamford — St Michael's Priory Historical county location. See entry under List of monastic houses in Cambridgeshire
Stamford — St Sepulchre Priory Historical county location. See entry under List of monastic houses in Cambridgeshire
Sulby Abbey Premonstratensian Canons
daughter house of Newsham;
mistakenly asserted to have transferred from Welford
founded 1155 by William de Wideville;
dissolved 1538; granted to Sir Christopher Hatton 1567/8
Sulbey Abbey;
Welford Abbey

52°24′53″N 1°02′04″W / 52.4147151°N 1.0344476°W / 52.4147151; -1.0344476 (Sulby Abbey)
Weedon Monastery Benedictine? nuns
founded c.680 by St Werburgh, possibly on the site of an Anglo-Saxon royal palace;
destroyed in raids by the Danes 870

52°13′35″N 1°04′24″W / 52.2264621°N 1.0732055°W / 52.2264621; -1.0732055 (Weedon Monastery)
Weedon Beck Priory Benedictine monks
alien house: dependent on Bec-Hellouin and St Lambert de Mallassis;
founded before 1086 (after 1126);
dissolved after 1329(?); granted to Eton College 1462
Weedon Bec Priory

52°13′32″N 1°04′45″W / 52.2255995°N 1.0790835°W / 52.2255995; -1.0790835 (Weedon Beck Priory)
Weedon Pinkney Priory Benedictine monks
founded before 1126 (in the tenure of Robert, Bishop of Lincoln): endowments granted by Gilo de Pinkney and other members of his family;
dependent on St Lucien, Beauvais;
granted to Biddlesden 1392; manor granted to All Souls College, Oxford 1440
Weedon Lois Priory

52°07′03″N 1°07′18″W / 52.1174129°N 1.121622°W / 52.1174129; -1.121622 (Weedon Pinkney Priory (Weedon Lois Priory))
Wermundsey Monastery ~ unidentified, dependent on Peterborough, possibly located in Northamptonshire
founded after 675 during the tenure of Abbot Cuthbald;
destroyed in raids by the Danes 870
Wittering Priory Historical county location. See entry under List of monastic houses in Cambridgeshire
Wothorpe Priory # possibly intended Augustinian canonesses — Arroasian c.1160(?);
Benedictine nuns
founded 12th century (purportedly during the reign of Henry I);
ruinous 1292;
merged with Stamford 1354;
granted to Richard Cecil 1540/1
St Mary
Wyrthorp Priory

52°38′09″N 0°29′12″W / 52.6357765°N 0.4867968°W / 52.6357765; -0.4867968 (Wothorpe Priory)
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