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Pech River, Kunar, 2009-04-19 -b
Pech River in eastern Afghanistan.

This is a list of rivers wholly or partly in Afghanistan. They are arranged geographically by river basin.

Flowing into the Arabian Sea

The Kabul River, seen here near Jalalabad

Flowing into endorheic basins

Sistan Basin

Soldiers crossing the Arghandab River
Arghandab River
  • Harut River (or Ardaskan River)
  • Farah River
  • Helmand River
    • Khash River
    • Arghandab River
      • Dori River
        • Tarnak River
        • Arghistan River
          • Lora River
    • Musa Qala River
    • Tirin River
    • Kaj River

Ab-e Istadeh Lake

  • Ghazni River
    • Jilga River

Karakum Desert

  • Harirud
    • Jam River
  • Murghab River
    • Kushk River
    • Kashkan River

Aral Sea basin

Afghanistan - Tajikistan Bridge Completion
Afghanistan-Tajikistan bridge over the Amu Darya river in 2007.
  • Amu Darya
    • Safid River, no longer reaches the Amu Darya
    • Balkh River, no longer reaches the Amu Darya
    • Khulm River (formerly Tashkurgan River), no longer reaches the Amu Darya
    • Kunduz River (or Surkhab River)
      • Khanabad River
      • Andarab
      • Bamiyan River
    • Kokcha River
      • Anjuman
    • Panj River
      • Aksu (Bartang)
      • Pamir River
      • Wakhan River

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