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Major derives from Latin maior, which means greater. It is used in many contexts:

  • Major, a military rank.
  • An academic major, the primary focus of a Bachelor's degree, in the United States and some other countries.
  • In music, major (in contrast to minor) is a type of scale, key, chord, or interval; see major and minor. Also:
    • major scale
    • major chord
    • the names of various intervals, such as a major third or major sixth
  • In British public school terminology, "major" means an older brother or sister (when two people have the same surname), as opposed to "minor".
  • In American professional sports, various leagues are described as major (or "the majors") when they represent the highest level of competition in their geographic area, such as Major League Baseball or Major League Soccer.
  • In American college sports, "major" has multiple meanings. For a more comprehensive discussion of the different meanings of "major" in the college athletics context, see mid-major.
  • In golf, a "major championship" is one of an elite tier of annual tournaments (not more than five) recognised by the relevant authorities for a particular branch of the sport. See:
  • In snooker, four of the main tournaments in the season are unnofficially known as Major titles
  • In English Change Ringing, Major refers to a ringing method rung on eight church bells.
  • Major (law) (as opposed to minor (law)), one with the full legal rights of an adult
  • People named Major:
  • Characters named Major:
    • Major Gowen, a character on the 1970s British TV series Fawlty Towers.
    • The Major, a character on the 1970s American TV series Soap.
    • The Major (or simply Major), a nickname for Motoko Kusanagi, a fictional character from the anime/manga series Ghost in the Shell.
    • Major Major Major Major, a character in Joseph Heller's novel Catch-22
    • The Major, the leader of Millennium, a Nazi group in Hellsing.
  • Major (manga), a baseball-related manga/anime series in Japan.
  • Major movie studios, film studios (mostly United States-based) that produce many films per year.
  • Major record labels, music production and distribution companies that produce most of the music recordings per year.
  • Places named Major:
  • Major, Saskatchewan, small village in the Canadian province, Saskatchewan

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