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Bangladesh LOC 1996 map
A Map showing major rivers in Bangladesh including Meghna.
Meghna River by Mashroor Nitol
Meghna River

The Meghna River is an important river in Bangladesh. It is one of the three that forms the Ganges delta. This delta is the largest on earth. The river meets Padma River in Chandpur District. The river ends in the Bay of Bengal in Bhola District.

Major tributaries of the Meghna include the Dhaleshwari River, Gumti River, and Feni River. The river's average depth is 1,012 feet (308 m). The maximum depth is 1,620 feet (490 m).

The Meghna is the widest river of those that are completely inside Bangladesh. At one point near Bhola, Meghna is 12 km wide. In its lower parts this river follows almost a straight line. Despite its very calm and quiet look, this river is the cause of many deaths every year. Several ferry sinkings in the past have killed hundreds. Near Chandpur it is very dangerous.

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