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The Oz series location
Other name(s) Beautiful Valley of Mo, Phunnyland
Created by L. Frank Baum
Genre Juvenile fantasy
Type Fairy country
Notable locations Milk River, Rootbeer River

Mo is a fictional region neighboring the Land of Oz. It is sometimes called The Beautiful Valley of Mo.

Points of interest

  • Crystal Lake - A lake that is composed of a sugar-syrup. When it hardens under the sun, its surface is good for skating on. Though there is a danger of a skater breaking through the surface.
  • Milk River - A river that is made of milk. The islands in the Milk River are made of cheese, creams gather in small pools near the river bank, and great strawberries grow from water lilies. The sand on the river banks of the Milk River is pure white sugar and is excellent for growing candy and bonbon bushes.
  • River of Needles - A river that is a perfect stream of sharp glittering needles and blocks the path to the castle of Maetta.
  • Root Beer River - A river where peanut trees go near it. The Root Beer River flows down a great hole that leads to Turvyland. It is forbidden to swim in the Root Beer River for many people drink from it.
    • Fruit Cake Island - An island that is in the middle of the Root Beer River.

Known inhabitants

  • Bredenbutta – The forty-seventh cousin of the King of Mo, the great-grandniece of the Queen of Mo, and a noblewoman who lives in the Land of Mo.
  • Bumpy Man - Introduced in The Scarecrow of Oz, the Bumpy Man is a rugged-looking man with bumps all over him. He is also called the Mountain Ear because it is his duty to listen to the world around him and tell the mountain on which he lives about what is going on. Thus, it keeps the mountain from shaking, rumbling, and spouting. He sleeps little since he stays alert at night listening for the slightest sound.
  • Cast-Iron Man – A mechanical giant that was created by King Scowleyow to destroy the Land of Mo.
  • Gigaboos – A race of fearsome creatures that live in the Land of Mo. Its body was round with a thick shell (like a turtle's shell), its head was supported by a long goose-like neck, it had four mouths, seven bright and glittering eyes (each colored red, green, yellow, blue, black, purple, and crimson), ten short thick legs, and two arms with claws like a lobster that were strong enough to pinch a tree in two.
  • Hartilaf – A giant who lives with his wife in a valley that is next to the Land of Mo. Hartilaf is so big that he can make a journey to Alaska and South America and be back by sundown.
  • King of Mo - The unnamed ruler of Mo.
  • King Scowleyow - The wicked king of an unnamed kingdom that is north of the Land of Mo.
  • Maetta - A sorceress who lives in the Land of Mo.
  • Nuphsed - The royal chamberlain of the King of Mo.
  • Prince - A talking dog who lives in the Land of Mo and is the only dog that lives there.
  • Prince Fiddlecumdoo - The youngest son of the King of Mo and an expert violinist.
  • Prince Jollikin - The brave son of the King of Mo.
  • Prince Zingle - The oldest son of the King of Mo.
  • Prince Thinkabit - The clever son of the King of Mo.
  • Princess Pattycake - The most beautiful daughter of the King of Mo.
  • Princess Truella - The daughter of the King of Mo.
  • Purple Dragon - A terrible creature that lived in the Land of Mo.
  • Queen of Mo - The unnamed wife of the King of Mo.
  • Timtom - A young man who lives in the Land of Mo. He fell in love with Princess Pattycake.
  • Wise Donkey - An intelligent donkey who somehow emigrated to the Land of Oz as seen in The Patchwork Girl of Oz.

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