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Daylily flower, with three flower parts in each whorl
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Monocotyledons

Monocotyledons are a class of flowering plants (angiosperms), whose embryo (seed) store only one cotyledon. The APG II system recognises a clade called "monocots" but does not assign it to a taxonomic rank.

You can recognize a monocot by its leaves: they have long parallel veins running down the leaf. In contrast, dicot plant leaves have a complex netted vein pattern on their leaves.

Monocots usually have a fibrous root system.

Clade diagram


Piperales, Acorales, Alismatales, Asparagales, Dioscoreales, Liliales, Pandanales



rest of clades...

core eudicots

rest of clades...


eurosids I

eurosids II


euasterids I

euasterids II

unassigned taxa...

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