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Mountain Home Range
A photo of the Mountain Home Range at sunset viewed from the northwest
The range at sunset, from the northwest
Highest point
Peak Needle Benchmark
Elevation 9,480 ft (2,890 m)
Length 25 mi (40 km) N/S
Width 23 mi (37 km) E/W
Area 424 sq mi (1,100 km2)
Country United States
State Utah
Range coordinates 38°29′24″N 113°57′29″W / 38.489951°N 113.958074°W / 38.489951; -113.958074Coordinates: 38°29′24″N 113°57′29″W / 38.489951°N 113.958074°W / 38.489951; -113.958074

The Mountain Home Range is a north-south trending mountain range in western Beaver County in southwest Utah, United States. It is part of the Basin and Range Province. It is bound by Hamlin Valley to the west, Snake Valley (part of this area known as Antelope Valley on some maps) to the north, Pine Valley to the east, and trends into the Indian Peak Range to the south. Collectively, the Mountain Home Range and Indian Peak Range are known as the Needle Mountains due to their jagged nature.

The highest peak in the range, known simply as the 'Needle benchmark,' is 9,480 feet (2,890 m) tall.

The range is very uncommonly used by humans, and is more known for wildlife and wild horses.


The northern part of the range is made of Paleozoic carbonate rocks which are part of a long structural trend of rocks that go through the Burbank Hills, Conger Range, and Confusion Range. This is highlighted by a massive (30 by 50 mile) syncline. The southern part of the range is made of mid-Tertiary ignimbrites from the Indian Peak Caldera Complex.

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