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Temporal range: Middle Eocene - Recent
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Microtus arvalis
Scientific classification

Illiger, 1811


Muroidea is a large superfamily of rodents. It includes hamsters, gerbils, true mice and rats, and many other relatives. They live on almost every continent except Antarctica. Some scientists have placed all members of this group into a single family, Muridae. Sometimes there are difficulties in knowing how the subfamilies are related to one another.

The muroids are classified in 6 families, 19 subfamilies, around 280 genera and at least 1300 species.


  • Family Platacanthomyidae - incertae sedis - (spiny dormouse and pygmy dormice)
  • Family Spalacidae fossorial muroids
    • Subfamily Myospalacinae (zokors)
    • Subfamily Rhizomyinae (bamboo rats and root rats)
    • Subfamily Spalacinae (blind mole rats)
  • Clade Eumuroida - typical muroids
  • Primary Taxonomic Reference
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  • Other Taxonomic References
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